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Approved Tech T15 "Ghostmaker" Acid Launcher

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  • Manufacturer: Black Flag
  • Model: T15 Acid Launcher
  • Affiliation: The Sith Ascendancy
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Minor
  • Material: Durasteel, Trifaraleen Gas, Repulsor generators, Duranium
  • Classification: Acid Launcher
  • Size: Handheld
  • Length: 60 cm
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Ammunition Type: Power cell, Trifaraleen gas canister
  • Ammunition Capacity: 1 Canister, when fired constantly depletes after 60 seconds.
  • Effective Range: 9 Meters
  • Rate of Fire: fully automatic
  • Gravity Field
  • Acid Gas
Gravity Field: The Ghostmaker is part of a long study about weaponizing gravity fields, using a weak, yet focused repulsors field to spread the gas, as well as allow the weapon to send the gas in a focused stream that slowly becomes a cloud after roughly 4 meters. Additionally the gravity field counteracts the dissipation of the gas by keeping it compressed and contained.

Acid gas: Trifaraleen gas is a gas that works as an acid, quickly eroding even metal, working even better on biological materials.

  • Ghostmaker: The T15 earned its name due to the rather horrific effects that appear when the weapon is fired. Emitting a focused stream of an acidic gas, a short time of exposure can destroy most common materials, ranging from flesh to weak metals.
  • High pressure: Due to using a gravity field to push the gas out and keep it in a focused stream, a shot from the ghostmaker as enough impact to shatter glass and other weak materials, at least on very close range (1-2 meters), making it even easier to send the gas into houses and buildings.
Weaknesses :
  • Gas mask required: While the stream of the ghostmaker allows the weapon to be used without a gas mask and environment suit in theory, the weapon can quickly become a danger to the wielder in the heat of battle with out it.
  • Slow reload: Replacing the gas canister takes time, as the weapon has to be powered down for a moment before doing so.
The Ghostmaker is part of Black Flag's work with gravity manipulation, a project in which more and more possible applications in weapons were researched. One of the few weapons made by Black Flag exclusively for the Sith Ascendancy, the Ghostmaker was meant as tool to allow the soldiers of the Ascendancy to quickly and easily clean out hold outs and occupied buildings by pumping acidic gas inside.

The sheer danger of the weapon both to the user and the victims is in tune with Black Flag's designed philosophy. The question is if something can be done, not if it should be done. Easily the most controversial weapon by the company, the Ghostmaker can be a quick way into committing mass murder and war crimes when used carelessly, but also a more than effective way to erase rebel threats hiding in urban areas.
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In the Wookie article about Trifaraleen gas, it says that it dissipates quickly outside of containment or a host. Are you intending for the repulsor fields/gravity fields to contain the gas?

If so, could you please elaborate on that regarding not weakening the poisonous/acidic properties of the gas while providing for less disperment?

If not, could you please add the quickly dissipating as a weakness?
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Good morning, I just wanted to remind you that you have this waiting here. In 24 hours I'll be archiving this due to inactivity, but you can always request it be pulled after that time.
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