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Approved Starship T-47 Class light corvette - "Anaeon"

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  • Intent: A supply ship for TSA
  • Image Source: Here
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: TSA shipwright corps
  • Model: N/A
  • Affiliation: The Sith Ascendancy
  • Production: Mass-produced
  • Material: Durasteel hull, Titanium plating

[*]Defenses: Average

[*]Hangar: 0 / Many infantry / Vehicle equivalents / Can be swapped to increase cargo hold
[*]Maneuverability Rating: Low
[*]Speed Rating: Moderate
[*]Hyperdrive Class: 3 / 10 (Backup)


[*]Landing struts
[*]Escape pods

[*]Defensive measures


[*]Sublight drive

[*]Maneuvering jets

[*]Targeting and sensors

  • Spacious - large cargo capacity and capability to transport troops
  • Fortress - Unlike other supply ships, it can effectively dispatch of opponents of similar size
  • Support ship - Despite the above, it will still be overwhelmed when ganged up on by smaller vessels. Weapons systems are ineffective against larger, more powerful shielding.
  • Clunky - The ship's design make it less agile and difficult to make quick maneuvers, depending more on raw speed.

  • Crew: 80
    20 maintenance staff
  • 12 support staff
  • 20 security staff
  • 20 piloting staff
  • 8 crew manning weapon systems

[*]Passenger/Cargo capacity:
  • Up to 200 average human sized life-forms/droids
  • Up to 2 medium sized tanks
    Can be increased to 4 if there are 0 human passengers

[*]Cargo weight is not really the issue, more dependent on the amount of space that it will take up.
  • Equivalent to the above information

Deployed in the heat of battle and capable of providing supporting fire, the Anaeon-Class supply ship brings the best of both worlds from light weaponry, capable of destroying similar ships, to large and spacious cargo hold, enabling it to rapidly deploy and collect troops in the thick of war. Anti-infantry weaponry make it a great battleground hybrid of a gunship, while small ion cannons even make it capable of providing some use against ships in orbit.

It should be noted though, that the real purpose is to be in-atmosphere and not in the vastness of space. Defensive systems were left out purposely to make room for cargo

Travis Caalgen

Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.
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