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Syrka Toran-Mercenary

Syrka Toran

Hutt Cartel Enforcer
Posted 11 November 2013 - 01:08 AM


NAME: Syrka Toran aka Jungle Bunny
FACTION: Hutt Cartel
AGE: 30
GENDER: female
HEIGHT: approx. 5'10"
WEIGHT: 155 bs
EYES: Dark
HAIR: Lekku
SKIN: caucasian
FORCE SENSITIVE: Highly force sensitive (just doesn't know it yet)


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

renegade: she is a warrior by heart and knows no borders, she will blast through a blockade with only a hand gun if she needs to.

Like minded: she does not do well with others that often agree ti avoid conflict or that are of the usual self loathing personality that can never disagree with anyone due to ther lack of intelligence, she is very annoyed at stupidity and feels that ignorance is more of a mental disease than anything else.


Aethersprite satrfighter
Persuer Enforcement Ship


Syrka grew up on alderaan all her life, when she was young she used to go in the plains and gain experince shooting taregts; as she grew so did her abilities with guns and other weapons, when she became a teenager she joined a small rebel outfit and sailed the stars as a pirate, she helped to plunder trade routes and helped to stage protests of corrupt and evil governments, as she grew up she got used to being a mercenary, she would often take up jobs of the worst kind and was known to run head first into danger and conflict, she is the only of her kind that is more willing to run into battle with a bat and take on swordsmen and gunslingers with the most primitive weaponry.

As she grew older her intelligence and capabilities for fighting grew as well, she often would be seen gathering information on those that she had been paid to kill, she often paid for the mark to be escorted through crowds while she waited with a sniper rifle to pick off her target, she found the harder it was to get a mark the more fun she had with it, to this day she roams the galaxy looking for the next person to kill or arrest for another payday.

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