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Sword of Lucifer

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The White Wolf

Dog of the Sith

Intent: To use as a main weapon for 13 and give him a unseen guardian.

Development Thread: Yes, Morna and I will be doing one together.

Manufacturer: Unknown man.

Model: Sword of the Fallen Angel.

Affiliation: Subject 13

Modularity: No

Production: unique.

Material: Cortosis blade, Durasteel handle and a Bronzium guard. Force alchemy and force imbued.


This sword is not for the faint of heart. Not just any being can wield a blade with the amount of emotional trauma and torment sealed within the blade. Legend has it that the blade was forged by a man who served the great spirits known as angels. One day a angel arrived and asked the man to make him a sword that would grant him more power over his rival brother. The man, unknowing of what had happened only days before agreed to the request. Using sith alchemy the man took several months to craft a blade of woe. Said to amplify the performance of someones force capabilities. As well as resistance to other force related attacks. Built to withstand nearly any physical attack and sharp enough to cut through most standard materials. A story goes with the sword that It was created with a blade of the exact opposite thousands of years ago. It was once used in a war that was led by an Angel of Justice and a Spirit of Vengeance.

The Spirit of Vengeance was once an Angel, and sibling to the Angel of Justice. But as the Angel chose the Dark path (darkside) He was cast out from “Heaven” (Angel Council). The fallen angel then continued down the Dark Path until the Angel was confronted by their sibling, The Angel of Justice. They argued about bringing him back, but despite the efforts made, The fallen angel did not come back. In fact the opposite happened. They started a Civil war among the Angels. The Fallen Angel gathered others to his cause and fought against the Angel of Justice. The war would go on to last about 15 years. During the last few years of the war, an unknown man came up to both of them. Teaching them to create a Force-imbued sword. Each of them created their blades unknowing that the other sibling did the same.

The war came to a halt as both the Angel of justice and the Spirit of Vengeance (Fallen Angels title appointed by other Angels) Fought in one last battle. As the two were fighting the Angel of justice killed the Spirit. However, the soul of the Fallen Angel was trapped in the blade as the blade was a Force-imbued blade. The crystal inside the sword captured the essence of the Fallen Angel. The Angel of Justice knowing this took the blade into a tomb to store it, but from the pain and loss of the Angel’s sibling She allowed herself to be absorbed into her own blade to keep from something like this war from happening again.

As the Angel Council wanted to keep the blades a secret, they appointed a man to become the Keeper of the blades, Unknowing that it was the same man who taught the two warriors to make the blades. Thousands of years later Morna Imura and Subject 13 go and search for these swords as they both looked up the weapons at the same time. From legend it is said that the sword has the Angel’s soul trapped in the blade as it will influence the next user to become the next Angel.

When the fallen angel sealed himself into the sword it was said it would only awaken when the right one came along to tame it. However when one touches the blade they are immediately stunned as the pain and suffering from its previous owner is transferred to the holder. Pain and suffering most beings cannot bare to handle. If the holder endures that pain then the spirit within it awakens and judges the holder. If it feels he or she is unworthy, then they will be killed on the spot. However if they are worthy, the blade will attach itself to that user until the day he or she dies. Lending its power as a reward for taming it.

OOC information: The sword is made from Sith Alchemy and is Imbued with the force capabilities of a warrior from eons ago. His soul is sealed within the blade and acts as a companion to the holder. There is a lightsaber crystal within the hilt of the blade that acts as a enhancer. Enhancing the physical performance of the holder greatly, increasing strength speed and reflexes to a substantial height. When drawn the blade has runes carved into it and it has a purplish aura surrounding it caused by the dark sided energy.


Has the ability to deflect some force related attacks such as Force Lightning, fire, and can cut through some telekinetic attacks.

Increases Physical performance

Deflects lightsabers and blaster bolts (Shards out lightsabers*


The Blade cannot be drawn from its case unless the spirit within it wishes it so. Making it stubborn and unreliable. Only when the bond between the user and the spirit strengthens will the user be able to fully use the blade.

Drains the force capabilities of the user greatly.

Drains physical energy every time it is drawn

Inability to block powerful attacks

When too far away from the user it causes severe pain to user

When blade is damaged so is the user of the sword

Classification: Sword

Size: Two handed

Length: 70.6 cm

Weight: 1kg.

Other Features:

Darron Wraith

Honor | Duty | Courage
Denied for the reasons below.

  • Spirit's in weapons only work with the ancient sith and neither of your characters are that. Morna is a fire shaper, and you're a dark Jedi.
  • There is no reason to have a lightsaber crystal inside a hit of a non-lightsaber.
  • The enhancements you have listed are on par with event prizes, and we don't just hand those out.
  • No development thread was done, and I would probably have still denied.
  • A sword that is directly tied to you(as in if it gets do. Isn't very effective when cortosis is one of the most brittle metals and can be easily be broken if it hits something other than energy.)
  • Also, there is no way to cut through a telekinetic attack.
  • Your sword can't control when it's unsheathed, that's not star wars....that's anime.
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