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Swear to me!


Blessed are the peacemakers
The Dark Jedi acolyte had strayed too far from his comrades on Coruscant. They died, particularly painful. Tracyn had tied the young man to a chair, in a single dirty room on Coruscant. He awoke him by pulling his head up by his hair.

"Wake up." Tracyn snarled. He pulled back his fist and felt several teeth break as he threw the entire body of the man to the floor with the force alone. The man stammered out a cry for mercy. Tracyn hoisted him back up to his feet, and took out some steel chord, showing the terrified man.

"Tell me what you know about Kane." Tracyn said, curling the wire between his fists. The man didn't say anything, he either was too afraid too or didn't want to. Tracyn snarled and stepped behind him. He tightened the chord and wrapped it around his neck, pulling back on it. He choked and gagged, gasping for air. Tracyn released him within an inch of his life."Tell me what you know!" Tracyn bellowed, the terrified dark Jedi squirming in the seat.

OOC: leading up to the fight with Kane.