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Approved Tech Suttaryn the Lightning Spear

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  • Classification: Spear.
  • Size: Very Large.
  • Weight: Light.
  • Light to handle.
  • Allows user to absorb energy, store it and use it.

  • The Lightning: The spear absorbs all energy based attacks, the energy is stored within the blades and when focused, a unique ability of the spear can be achieved, the energy absorbed can be used by the wielder on the shape of yellow strikes. Much like Force Lightning and its variants, the spear can summon them on many forms if the user is skilled enough / or has enough energy stored, like the use of force lightning, lightning grenade, lightning shield and force tempest, a more skilled practitioner can concentrate long enough to produce the elzeri magical version of the Bolt of Hatred, a version of the ancient Sith spell.
  • It shines: Oddly enough, this spear is not a product of darkness. It is a will of the gray, therefore she can when powered up with enough energy to use Force Blinding. Summoning a shining light on the end of the blade of the weapon.
  • Will of the Gods: It's runes and siguls carved in the blades, made the weapon, alongside its Songsteel material into a weapon nearly indestructible, resembling a ancient form of lightsaber pike; it can block lightsabers, absorb lightning and deflected it, all thanks to elf magicka, a fancy way of calling the ancient arts of the Sith performed by the elzeri. It’s blades are basically made to resemble the beams from a lightsaber pike, except more sturdy and more ‘delicate’ in its design and construction, the blades can even cut metal like a lightsaber if are powered up properly.
  • Owners Right: Due to being bounded, only the owner can wield this weapon. Otherwise she will either discharge electricity like force lightning on the one that touches her, or she will do nothing and simply work as a common piece of metal without powers. The spear can also unleash this electricity if tossed in a place surrounded by people that are not the owners, the owner of hthe spear can call upon this 'defense' mechanism and unleash it, but only if the weapon is powered up properly.
  • Concentration: Using the force to summon its famous electric skills is not a easy task. It requires constant focus and energy from the user, so that he can be able to control its skills. Only someone with a concentration thought to be as powerful as a master can permit the blade from reaching its full potential, while also using the force from their own body each time the skill is used. This draining-the-user skill from the weapon has to be stopped, unless the weapon will suck you dry.
  • Soul buddies: A drop of blood is required for the weapon to truly recognizes you as its master, however, if the weapon is destroyed or harmed, the same will happen to the user. A piece of its soul will be destroyed, causing such pain as never felt before and we all know what happens next.
  • Hit them with stick end!: Despite being light, very light considering its size, something which songsteel is famous for doing, the weapon relies too much on both both blades at both ends to reflect blows, attack and defend. Its extension by itself only maintains the strength of the metal used in its forging, but it lacks the same attributes as its ends.
  • Force Negation: As with most sith weaponry or force imbued weapon, any contact with any kind of Voidstone, Voidsteel, or nullification bubble such as the ysalamir can dampen, or temporarily remove the capabilities of the weapon. While the Songsteel can still retain its durability, the ‘special’ skills which the weapon is famous for are all but nullified.
  • Electrifying: When accumulated with energy, or even the constant use of the spear's abilities can cause the weapon to overheat and begin to conduct electricity into the body of the person who handles it. Shocking them alongside their victims.
  • Doesn't block: Unlike lightsabers, the spear does not send blaster shots back, it can absorb the energy to use in its skill but no more.
  • It is not a lightsaber: This weapon doesn't cut metal like a lightsaber, it relies on strength and finesse to handle the spear, it can easily cut if it’s charged with the right amount of energy. Otherwise, the spear will suck the user's energy to perform such a feat, if the user wants to, otherwise it behaves like a simple metal weapon.


Long ago, there was a apprentice named Cole that served the High-King of the Elzeri on their long, long lost homeplanet. He was still training to ascend with the dream of becoming a knight in the service of the holy crown of his people, with a kind heart and a lot of will he was accepted to train in a time that peasants were not welcome in such training, but the issue for him was that Cole was horrible in his duties and lessons required for him to achieve his goal and the more time passed, the more he realized that. Now, Cole was just a peasant, he did not had the same opportunity as the noble sons of more suited bloodlines and therefore he had a lot of pressure on his shoulders.

Failure after failure in his training, Cole grew more desperate by the day and was sure to be kicked out of his training. He began to search for other means, until someday he came across a old legend of his people, the legend said that on top of the greatest mountain on his planet he would find a powerful being called the Ageless Stranger that from time to time bestowed his graces of power to those he deemed worthy. Cole traveled with through great distances to find that mountain, he traveled for seven days, climbing and foughting his way through many dangers until he reached his peak, finding a lone, solitary tower waiting for him. It was there that he met, Maerlyn the Wizard immediately rejected the boy and said to him.
“Power belongs in the hands of those brave enough to wield it.”, and offered Cole a solution, to travel to a cave on the same mountain and hunt down a beast of immense power in exchange for the power he came seeking.

Cole accepted his challenge and went after the cave he spoke of, armed with nothing but a sword and a shield he walked inside the place covered with the bones of the former hunters. The brave elzeri walked inside the cave and found the beast Maerlyn told him. They fought for some time and Cole lost both sword and shield, he grabbed a spear left from one of the dead hunters and use it to fought off the beast, but when he had her cornered and harmed. Both of them were hurt, but Cole looked into the creatures eyes and saw the same desperate desire to live that he had. He did not killed the creature, but instead took his horn and went back to the wizard, alongside the spear he took, he placed both at Maerlyn’s feet and said.

“The creature won’t trouble you no more.”, Maerlyn looked at the spear and the horn and laughed. He punished the boy by unleashing pure lightning against his flesh, Cole used his spear to defend himself, almost helpless and after a while Maerlyn noticed how the blade absorbed the energy making him wonder. The wizard than laughed again and congratulated him for his effort.
“Best to have a life spared than a life wasted.”, he said and agreed to helping him with his gifts. Long and hard he trained under the tutelage of Maerlyn as he completed his masterwork only to deliver to the boy his Suttaryn and a shield of great might, but the spear came with a heavy price like most of his gifts, his soul had to be bounded to the spear so if it was ever destroyed so would he.

Cole came down the mountain with great power and took his place as one the greatest knights of his time. He stood up for his king and died fighting for him, he became a symbol of hope and protecting the weak over the tyranny of those that abused their powers, when he perished, he was buried in a tomb of his own, that stayed lost until Ashelia Solidor discovered its secrets and took his treasures. Now bounded to her, the elzeri hopes to deserve such honor to wield his legacy.
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Can you please expand on how this weapon, a spear with weight, and acts akin to a Sith Sword, Be more akin to a lightsaber?

Secondly, Spears/Halberds/polearms can be used with quite a bit of finesse and "grace" compared to the weakness you imply. In fact, the Matukai were known to use a weapon similar to this known as a "Wan-Shen" where through proper training it could be even more deadly than a lightsaber. I feel this weakness needs to be reworded.
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