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Survive- [OPEN]

13- You fall into a well. How do you get out?
4- Crash a ship

On Exocron


They were going down. Flames were wreathed around the shields of the Crop Duster as it burned in. Behind the controls Ellie was desperate, trying to wrangle her little freighter back into a manageable state. The coolant lines had blown, the drives were blowing out from the heat and her power core was shutting down.

"Hang on!" She roared over the compartment, head being smashed by the intense G forces.

There was no other explanation for it. She was on a crash course, and they were headed into the heart of the forest. Deep dark forests. Forests that were thousands of miles away from any actual potential civilization.

Right before she blacked out she hit the emergency recall beacon, hoping it would survive. The forces intensified. Black vision faded way to nothing, and then...

They crashed!


тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂
​As those nasty Fate mongers would decree, my first solo trip after my initial training in the ways of ship piloting set me on a collision course into unknown regions. My engine had sputtered, which like a game of dominoes, led to my ship's systems blinking out one after the other; leaving me at the mercy of those Fate mongers. The ship had broken through a unnamed planet's atmosphere, making a direct assault to a darkened forest. I braced my self for impact the best I could, but not well enough as it seemed. The split second the ship made impact with the surface of the planet, my body was jettisoned forward; introducing my head to the ship's dashboard. With a singular moan escaping my lips, I slumped into my chair feeling the waves of darkness wash over me.

When I awoke, I felt a sharp pain that radiated throughout my head, turning my stomach sour. I hit the little blue button to slide back the cockpit's glass encasement just in time for me to spew the contents of my stomach over the side. I wiped my mouth, and yet my stomach performed an encore. With my stomach purged, I leaned back into the pilot seat catching my breath whilst letting this pain subside slightly. I don't mind pain, but this was rather unsuspected and new.

​Gathering what little items I had, such as my black satchel with a few unused data recorders inside, I took stock of my surrounding area. Whether or not it would be helpful, I turned on my com link to an open channel before attaching it to my sash. I ran a quick check of my ship, noticing several scorches on the body. Upon closer examination, I concluded it was something similar to what Sith Lightening does to surfaces. I clucked my tongue against the back of my front teeth. It would appear I hit some sort of electrical field, resulting in my current state of affairs.

​I tossed the strap of my satchel over my shoulder, turned on one of the data recorders, and began walking through the forest while documenting my new adventure. Hopefully, I would come across some sort of civilization; because if not, I might have found a new planet to call home.

[member="Eliza Raxis"]

When she awoke, it as to the smell of burnt atmosphere and sizzling flesh. More specifically, her burnt flesh. Red hot metal from the cockpit had dripped down on her leg while she slept, creating a burn that hurt more than anything she'd experienced before.


She screamed. It was a raw scream, fuelled by pain and anger. the scream echoed along the bulkheads and out into the forest causing the birds and animals to take flight. She was angry with herself, and with the situation. One hand grasped blind behind her until she came to her knife.


She pulled hard, while leaning forwards to dislodge it from it's sheath at the back of her belt. With a quick movement she cut both straps, clenched the knife in her teeth and used the shattered cockpits rim to pull herself up out of the seat and onto the front of the ship. she was free, and that was a start.

The air was cool here, and she recognized the smell.

It coming back to her.

But she was in the thousand mile wilderness, where almost nothing survived for long. Even Frontier folks dared not venture this far in. Ellie tested her leg, trying to push herself to stand. It was no use, the flesh was too burned.

Her mind whirled. She needed a plan, and fast.

Night was falling.

Predators were coming!


тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂
​A few minutes into my walk, my datarecorder began to make unsettling beeps and blips, until it finally went dark. I shook it and yet, nothing happened. I checked the others. All dark. This struck me as odd. Was there some sort of electronic jamming device on this planet? Speaking of, what planet was I on? With no way to actually learn this without some device to aid me, I was now officially lost. Discouraged, but more angry than anything else, I moved through the forest where the high tree branches with it's array of colorful canopy of leaves added to the growing darkness in the sky. I checked my provisions, and knew beforehand that there wouldn't be much to sustain me unless I found any kind of civilization; even a small village would be pleasing to my eyes.

​With night life fully in bloom, I made camp with a small fire and a shabby erected tent constructed from tree branches, leaves, and other natural materials. Chewing on the raw flesh from one of my enemies, I tried to replay how I got here, but my mind was still recovering from the cruel introduction my head was given by the dashboard. Tossing the scrap of flesh into the fire, I propped myself up on my knees, closed my eyes, and began to meditate through the Force via the Darkside.

​The Force seized me by my shoulders, shaking me back into reality as it flashed potential danger coming my way. I lept to my feet, removing the hilt from my sash, and turned my head from side to side. Behind me, a branch snapped prompting me to swing around. I didn't need my Force sense to tell me something or someone was out there, that natural feeling of being watched crept over me. Was it prey or another predator?

[member="Eliza Raxis"]
Elm slowly came to, white the interior of the wrecked ships coming into focus. She scrambled around to find her blaster, but only found her pistol and knife. A metal beam blocked the door. Moving it was going to take a while, and elm got to work.

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