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Supernatural (Solo Training)

Trista Nemorra

Darkside Dominatrix
Waking up in the morning in her condo on a far out world off the trade routes she goes straight for the kitchen and makes herself a protein shake and sets it up as she gets ready to start her daily physical training regiment, her strength, and agility building regiment was elite and intensive.

As she readied herself she downed the shake and walked over to her mat she stored in her closet and drags it out and begins to do drills made up of push ups, sit ups and punches, her mind being honed and focused and her body a living weapon as she had been doing this for the past several years she is well honed on her body form.

For 30 mins she does this and then transitions into grappling with a practice dummy, from there she stands and punches and then grapples more, her whole regiment fast paced and elite. Punch-grapple-stand-punch-grapple-stand-punch over and over for 40 minutes.

going back into her bed room she dresses in a jogging outfit and heads out for sprint and focuses her mind on getting to her daily 400 k sprint. Checking her chrono every so often and keeping watch over her pulse she makes it and sprints home a few hours later only to relax in a hot bath.

(This will be once a day and will be changed per day depending on my mood)