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  • Intent: Create a weapon that can fight against Force Powers, or Force Attuned/Altered items, or even individuals who are enhanced through the Force.
  • Image Source: Artstation
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Classification: Executioner Greatsword
  • Size: Large - 180 cm
  • Weight: Heavy - 5 kgs
  • Name of the Game: Executioner swords, were weapons built for the specific purpose of removing the head of a Victim from the body. Required to be able to not just cleave through mass of flesh, but through bone as though it were butter. In ancient times, they were typically one handed, but larger than your standard "Arming sword" or Knightly sword. Should the need call, for larger beasts, or beings, weapons could be made larger to meet the circumstance. This is one such. A Greatsword stylized to be that of your Execution Swords. A concave shaped blade to be razor sharp. Honed to the edge with Svolten Rhyolite. The hefty blade is more than capable of cutting through thick hides, scales, and even your typical limbs.
  • Jen'jidai Heritage: Forged much like any other Sith sword, The weapon is extremely durable. Nearing the capabilities of being nigh indestructible due to being altered by the force. As a high-Temperature Superconductor, it can Deflect, and even reflect blaster bolts or like minded weaponry. Resistant enough to even stand toe to toe with a Lightsaber.
  • Asunder: The Force has been shown time and time again to be a fabric. One that can be altered and changed to fit the need of the user. As such, this "fabric" can be ripped or torn. The coveted ability of Sever Force, and its branch of the force that can remove the sensitivity of not only beings but objects. This sword, is attuned to the force in such a fashion, that it can remove the force from people it strikes, as well as objects it strikes. The ability of this weapon can range from just a temporary removal of the force, or a permanent one. An example of this would be a Force Sensitive individual being struck with the blade, and losing a large portion of their ability to control the force. When after the wound is healed, they will regain their connection. Secondly, should an individual be killed by the blade, it will sever the force from them. Preventing the usage of such abilities as Transfer Essence, or becoming a ghost. This ability could be akin to Force Suppression, where it is the suppression of the force within any individual who is struck by the weapon. A secondary side effect of such abilities, is that the weapon can cleave through the force itself. Slicing through A Force Shield, cleaving through the palpable Waves of Darkness, and the like. The final instance is items connected to the force. Other Sith Swords, Force Imbued blades, Attuned armor, or artifacts can be removed from the force. Thus rendering their abilities inert for a short time, or completely.
  • Empowered at a Cost: The nature of the sword, is to sever the force of those who are struck by the blade. As such, The wielder of the sword is also severed from the force while wielding the blade. This severance at first would only be as long as the duration of using the blade itself. Preventing the wielder from using any form of the force. Including the more simplistic abilities such as Sensing, Force Sight, or even Precognition. Over time, the weapon will drain the user of the force. Sapping at first just their connection. And then proceeding to drain any kind of physical strength, and even the Mental capabilities of the user. This massive downside would be ere to the fact that the blade itself would reduce its user to little more than a "Brain dead" person. A husk of a being. This effect increases in its capabilities exponentially via way of the duration in which the wielder uses it, as well as the amount of times it has been used. This Drain is only even more powerful, the stronger the user is in the force. Thus a Master would be drained much faster, than that of an Apprentice, or a Knight. The deterioration of the wielder physically will be losing control of the force. Unable to wield it and become severed completely from it. Draining further, it will cause the body to physically weaken, atrophy, difficulty moving, Heart problems, Difficulty to breathe, organs can shut down. The mind will also be affected. Losing memories, Alzheimer, becoming psychotic and the like. Over time, the blade would reduce the individual to nothing more than a Brain dead patient in the ward, or could cause death due to organ failure.
  • As is Every Sword: With a sword this large, and this heavy, it is not meant to be a long duration fight. Swinging the blade around for a time can tire, and fatigue the user much more quickly than a light weight sword, or even the iconic Lightsaber. Attempting to swing this with the agility, and finesse of a Saber is nigh impossible but for the strongest of species. With such a reach, the sword has slashing motions and cannot be used to stab into enemies. Having wider swings in order to provide the best results, strikes can be quite easily telegraphed, and defended against with non-Force related items.
  • Credits All In: A sword this large and heavy, being compounded by the users lack of ability to anticipate, or preconceive an action taken against them, will find it extremely difficult to defend against such weapons. While your typical lightsaber or even Sith Sword could redirect blaster bolts easily, A wielder of this sword will find it nearing impossible to accurately predict, defend, and redirect such attacks.
  • Friendly Competition: While the weapon has the ability to prevent the usage of the force within individuals, items, or able to cleave through force abilities themselves, Should the user enter a Force Suppression field akin to a Ysalamir, will prevent the ability to sever the force of others. Specifically, it will not affect those struck by the blade to be affected by the unique effect of the blade. Nor will the resulting blows be introduced after leaving such a field.
For Eons, The Force in any form has been a dominate power within the galaxy. A deity to some, a fabric to others, A tool to many, but most of all, a way a life. One that has spawned numerous Religions, Philosophies, Artifacts, and even Peoples from it. These artifacts that have been created, can increase the powers of the user. In some cases, tenfold, or to an unknowing infinite strength. A power given to those who seek more for their personal or "righteous" agendas. Individuals who perform rites of Magic that provide even more power to themselves, or even gauntlets that can prevent anyone from striking them with the upturn of their nose. Weapons that can cut through anything, or hold captive the souls of those it slays.

All are weapons, and tools that provide a gift to those who do not deserve it. Darren for years, has been one such individual. A Master of the Force, and individual who has sought for a path, a way in which others like him, others who seek to take control of the gifts and curses of the universe to not be just resisted, but fought against. To embody that, to create a form in which this singular thought takes form, is forged completely into a sword. One that can bring about the death of the wielder just as much as it could to those it draws blood from.

A blade that can sever the force in its entirety.
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Alkor Centaris

J E N ' J I D A I
Okay, first thing I'm noticing with the Sith Sword caveat, since this is a heavy blade, would that have any effect on the ability to send projectiles back toward an attacker? You mention that you're not able to use the Force while you're wielding the weapon, so it stands to reason your Force based reflexes and senses aren't working, which is how Force Adepts generally send blaster bolts back at their enemy.

The intended target would be able to decide if they wanted to be severed from the Force, right? I'm sure that's the case, but we want to cover that base for anyone reading.

I'd add in the Ysalamir weakness just because while the blade is effected by such a field, the bearer wouldn't be able to use the Force still, but the severing effect wouldn't transfer upon hit either; so if the target were struck under those conditions and the effects of the Ysalamir went away, the severance wouldn't happen ex post facto.

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Alkor Centaris Alkor Centaris

Yes, it would prove very difficult to defend against ranged weapons due to the lack of superior awareness provided by the force. While it was hinted at in the lack of ability to use the force, I went ahead and specifically mentioned it as a new weakness.

I also added the weakness that the effect of the sword cannot be applied to those who are within a suppression field, nor will the affect afflict them after the fact of them leaving the area of influence should they sustain the wounds within the area of effect of the Suppression field.

And yes. The sword is able to temporarily "dampen" or outright remove the force from items, or individuals who are struck with the blade. Example: A scratch would hardly affect anything, where as a deep damaging, or debilitating wound would be much more severe in theory. However, as is with the rules of the site, The damage is up to the writer who is being the recipient of the attack.

Thank you for catching that.

Alkor Centaris

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Obviously if anyone has an issue with this, they'll bring them forward- that said, this is fair and balanced, and there shouldn't be any issues provided everything is roleplayed out properly.

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