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Approved Tech Sun-Be-Gone Sun Screen

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  • Intent: To create a special loation that protects against high UV light, and other special stuff.
  • Image Source: Banana Boat
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Name: Sun-be-gone Sun Screen
  • Manufacturer: Cerberus Enterprise,
  • Homeworld (optional): N/A
  • Production: Semi-unique
  • Affiliation: Closed Market, Notable people of interest, [member="Darkul Elahad"],
  • Modularity: Nope
  • Legal Status: Legal
  • Ingredients:
    Mineral Filter
  • Plastic container

  • Classification: Lotion
  • Method of Consumption: Lathering upon the skin.
  • Average Life:
    Lazy day on the beach - 16 hours
  • Running around in the mud and sweating - 2 hours

[*]Nutritional Value/Allergies/Side Effects/ Purpose: Greatly defends against UV radiation, and is powerful enough to resist many other forms of radiation as well.
  • Very High Resistance to Radiation.
  • Easy to use open cap bottle.
  • Imbued with the force
Very powerful lotion that protects against radiation. Imbued with the force to aid in preventing damaging rays such as UV sunlight, Nuclear Radiation, and even in very small amounts of gama Radiation. It is applied to the skin and only requires the person to make sure that they re apply this when needed.

  • Intense protection against radiation.
  • Easy to use lather
Weaknesses :
  • With constant use, can cause the skin to become unnaturally pale due to no UV radiation.
  • If ingested can cause upset stomach, Indigestion problems, Runny fecal matter, Explosive discharge of fecal matter, Blood in the Stool, destruction of the stomach lining, Destruction of the Intestinal lining, and pain... Lots of pain.
  • Should Lotion touch an oraphase such as the eyes or nose, it can cause an intense burning sensation. It tastes absolutely awful to aid in the avoidance of ingestion.
  • Causes slippery skin.
With various species of people being susceptible to UV radiation, the idea came forward when one such being wanted Cerberus to create something for him. However, Atheus and the company decided to take it one step forward. Instead of just creating something to defend against UV rays and sunburns, they devised a new lotion that can defend against almost all forms of Radiation!

Simply lather on the lotion to your skin, and wait a few moments for your skin to absorb it to take full effect. Allowing "Vampires" or "Nerds" Walk out into the sun for once in their lives.

Travis Caalgen


Please, as stated in your textile sub, replace the link under 'Manufacturer' to the company's marketplace with the one to the actual factory submission.

Travis Caalgen


In my two years on this board and in my four cumulative months as a Factory Judge, I have never seen sunscreen marketed towards energy vampires.

Congratulations, Pending Secondary Approval.

[member="Cira"] [member="Raziel"]
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