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Suggestion: Variance on Semi-Unique Numbers

Ever Dawnracer

Matukai Adept
Problem: At present, ships with significant stealth technology are required to be manufactured at Semi-Unique or Unique status. Semi-Unique is apparently now limited to a grand total of ten vessels. Starfighters squadrons, as a result, can not be full squadrons if their base fighter design allows for 12 in a squadron and they are stealth fighters.

Solution: Offer a variance allowing fighters to be, at a minimum, the normal squadron size for their size. Meaning StealthX's could still have 12 in a squadron, etc.

It's silly for a stealth fighter that's based on a regular fighter to not be allowed to have the same squadron size as the base fighter.
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[member="Ever Dawnracer"] I will discuss this with the factory staff.​