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Subject 13

The White Wolf

Dog of the Sith
"Dogs go where their told. Wolves go where they please." -13
"I'm not crazy, my reality is just diffrient from yours." -13

Name - 13
Faction - Unknown
Rank - Dark Jedi Knight
Species -
Echani felacatian Shistavanen Genetic Hybrid
Age - 16
Gender - Male
Height - 6ft
Weight - 139lbs
Eyes - Turquoise Blue
Hair - Silverish white
Body Build -
Force Sensitive - Yes

"If you truly wish to escape the everyday, you must constantly be evolving" -13

Personality - Withdrawn and almost always silent 13 is difficult to be around given his shy yet blunt nature. He appears to hold little interest in anything and seems very cold with that glare of his. Given his past events 13 has become somewhat emotionless, showing no sympathy or empathy for anyone around him and others have a hard time holding a sensible conversation with him. He does not believe in order and peace given the fact he has always been shown everything but peace. He has grown a type of hate for all goverments such as the republic as well as the empire and believes chaos is the worlds original order. Believing that those who are ruled by goverments are not truly free. Being a strong believer in freedom of choice, speech, and fate 13 disrespects authority figures without a second thought. Freedom is a big part of 13's philosophy, slavery and such anger him beyond reason almost to the point where he reacts violently.

Even after he controlled the restrictions of his collar he still wears it as a reminder not to lose himself no matter how angry he may become. He is still violent but will avoid conflict if possible, not wanting to risk losing control of himself again. After leaving the Jedi order he made it a point to show he was neither good or evil. He never understood the point of good and evil so simply paved way between the two. In combat 13 typically uses no lethal force towards those he believes deserves mercy, for those such as ruthless sith and pirates they often get what the give.

Over the years 13 has grown a keen interest in music and technology. Learning to play the electric violin and piano quickly. He also likes abstract painting as well as certain types of drawling. Sometimes doing graffiti propaganda on the side of senate buildings and such. As far as technology goes he is normally on his phone or some other mobile device when out and about and when in his apartment or ship he is almost constantly on his computer. Its hard to get close to him because he is always so cautious and suspicious of everything, thinking he is incapable of love and compassion he just refuses to let anyone in simply because anyone he does let in just hurts him in the end. So he shuts himself off from the world and lives in his own reality where monsters are the good guys.

The few words he does speak are normally riddles, or hold some kind of poetic meaning. Some insults or perhaps inspiring. In his head there are many words swimming around that he could possibly make a speech out of. One of the reasons he likes texting because it does not require a voice. 13 also still suffers from nightmares and depression and is often found sitting in a chair as if he where a zombie or deep in thought. Having no one to share his thoughts with he resorted to keeping a journal that he writes in every night. As a way to keep himself sane he will occasionally he will hold a hand on his chest and check for a heart beat just to make sure he still has one.

  • [SIZE=medium] Violin or any orchestrated music[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=medium]Pets/Belly rubs (Oh yus <3)[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=medium]Eating. Has a very large appetite[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=medium]Silence[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=medium]Helping the jedi despite leaving the order[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=medium]Animals[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=medium]Loving people (Though he may not show it)[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=medium]Hunting[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Nice smells[/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]Dislikes: [/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=medium]Oppression[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=medium]Governments[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=medium]Slavery[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=medium]Meaningless violence[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=medium]Those in power[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=medium]Collars[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=medium]Bullies[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=medium]Loud Noises[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=medium]Childish Beliefs[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=medium]Having his time wasted[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=medium]Tyrants [/SIZE]


"Live life free from oppresion. Or die a slave to order" 13
Black Wanderer: Although 13 left the Jedi Order as an emotionless boy with no care for most things he still finds himself caring about those who took him in and raised him. As a result 13 manages to gain Intel from the temple about missions and other matters and will often act on them on his own agenda. Preforming the job of a Jedi but with his own antics and rules, making him like a vigilante. Like one he wears a Durasteel mask that is pained white and a trench coat. He also uses a special sword instead of light saber as an attempt to keep others away from realizing he is a force sensitive. He even avoids using force related attacks and often resorts to hand to hand combat, avoiding conflict with jedi. Going by the Alias 'Black Rouge'

Skills and Abilities: (Beginner-Novice-Advanced-Superior-Mastery)

Telekinesis (Prodigy)
  • Force Disarm-Novice
  • Force Burst-Advanced
  • Force Lift-Superior
  • Force Pull- Superior
  • Force Push- Superior
  • Force Choke- Superior
  • Force Slam- Superior
  • Force Throw- Superior
  • Force Wave- Advanced
  • Force Crush- Superior
  • Levitate- Advanced
  • Pummel- Superior
  • Shock Wave- Superior
  • Ballistakinisesis- Superior
  • Force Repulse- Superior
  • Force Strength-Beginner
  • Force Jump-Beginner
  • Force Speed-Superior
  • Force Reflex-Beginner
  • Pyrokinesis-Beginner
  • Cryokinesis-Beginner
Lightsaber Combat/Forms
Form V: Shien / Djem So (Padawan)
Form VI: Niman (Knight)
Form VII: Juyo (Advanced Knight)
13 specializes in Juyo, Shien and Niman. His application of Juyo is highly focused and aggressive, his style being randomized and unpredictable, laced with sudden Force-based attacks in the midst of complex lightsaber sequences. His focus and concentration allowed him to bring down opponents through sheer tenacity, though it also led him to ignore his surroundings and left him open to attacks from other directions. When on the defensive he retreats to Niman style, often using more force based attacks to out due his opponents. 13 however deeply favors the Shien reverse grip, favoring the unorthodox style. He is often seen with two lightsabers, one is regularly held and the other in reverse. 13's fighting style is based on multiple acrobatic feats and pure evasion. Being extremely quick and having massive amounts of endurance he is flexible and able to outmaneuver several obstacles. Able to preform midair tricks with the held of his tail to keep him balanced. This mixed his his martial arts training makes him a hard to hit target.

In contrast to 13’s abilities he has a hard time keeping his mind stable during assignments that require strain on his telekinesis. Although it is his specialty he suffers a great deal from over doing it. When over used 13 suffers from internal bleeding and external. Sometimes coughing up blood, getting nose bleeds and even crying blood. The aftermath is often migraine headaches and the inability to see straight. His hearing may become disorientated and dingy. Sometimes his body will also take strain, sometimes random parts of his body will begin to sting with pain or he will be paralyzed.

13 does have many mental weaknesses. Although it is hard to influence him he does have trouble keeping a straight head when certain words are spoken to him. Key words being ‘Dog, collar, parents, love, ect.’ These key words often trigger unpleasant flashbacks of memories that distract him from the present. One of the reasons he wears his headphones.