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LFG Striking from shadow

Darth Interitus
With much of the Sith factions wiped out. The Sith enter a new stage of fighting. Infiltrating deep into galactic governments. Striking from within the shadows. Interitus is such a man. Infiltrating Denon as Kalros Jerrex a wealthy magister . Even reaching as high as the GA senate. Following the footsteps of Darth Bane’s grand plan.

Would love to make more political connections. Even doing a story where Kalros AKA Interitus befriends the Jedi. Having encounters with those that ever get closer to his hidden identity. A deadly game of cat and mouse as one is aware of the other. Engaging in a similar situation to how Palpatine was almost discovered.

Seeking political connections, Jedi or Sith acolytes seeking an influence.
Chaotic Evil
The New Sith Order may be right up your alley. We are heavily into Galactic politics, with a number of members already undercover. If this sounds like something you're interested in, hit me up!
Senator of Epoch
Darth Maestus Darth Maestus - Good lookin' out with the hookup, fortunately Kalros Jerrex Kalros Jerrex is already apart of NSO and a former member of Warlords of the Sith

Kalros Jerrex Kalros Jerrex - We are about to get into some shenanigans for all the NSO peeps here shortly. If you want feel free to reach out to Dagon Kaze Dagon Kaze , Bernard of Arca Bernard of Arca , or Asmundr Varobalder Asmundr Varobalder . All of them are doing investigations into the recent manipulations in the senate and with your character's history it would be a shoe in.