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Strengthening the Foundation (Open to everyone)

Veino Garn

Veino scrutinized the spheres scattered around him in the gardens. The actual gardens. The ones he had expected to be much more common, and not just one part of a massive barracks that just felt dead. He sighed, and picked himself up off the ground. He gave a quick shake of his head, and took a strong stance, knees bent and balanced on the balls of his feet.
He took a long breath, and closed his eyes, reaching out to the spheres. They lifted slowly from the ground, and he paused to let them hover, bobbing slightly. Another breath, and a finger twitch, then they started to spin slowly in a circle. Another finger twitch, and they started spinning faster rand faster, building up into a steady hum. He activated his lightsaber, turning the power down to its lowest, the hum working as a counterpoint. He just stood there, bathed in the blade's golden glow. Then he began working through a series of attacks and counterattacks. Slowly at first, but picking up speed, with a few stumbles as not quite fully healed injuries protested. Better than he had hoped, given his recent attempts.
He picked up the pace, blade flashing around him in quick, aggressive circles and thrusts. Sweat trickled down his forehead, beading on his eyelids. Then his leg stumbled, and he tumbled to the ground, the spheres following close behind. His lightsaber bounced a few feet away. With a disheartened groan, he pulled it back to him with the Force and pulled himself back. Nothing for it now but to keep training.