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Corporation Name: Stratosphere™
Headquarters: The Wheel
Locations: N/A

  • Gambling
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Prostitution
  • Bodyguard Services
  • Smuggling
  • Information Collection
Rationale: Benny was able to work out a deal with the Sith Lady, Kara Vi'dreya, in order to achieve ownership of The Wheel. After making a few hundred thousand credits with his "business partners", Benny began renovations of the Wheel to better fit his operations.
Tier: 2

Description: Stratosphere is more than a company, it is an idea. Stratosphere is now located on the widely known space station, The Wheel. With Benny's investing skills, The Wheel had been completely transformed into the perfect criminal business establishment. After renovations were complete, The Wheel now consists of:

  • 4 Casinos
    100x tables each
  • 150x slots each
  • 10x bars each
  • 1x dancers' stages each

[*]5 Hotels
  • 100x rooms each (85x suites, 15x VIP suites)
  • 1 swimming pool each

[*]2 Gentlemen's Clubs
  • 20x promiscuous women of various species each

Stratosphere is run by Benny and his select group of criminals, mercenaries, dealers, and outlaws. Operated within Sith space, Stratosphere is protected from the lawmen known as the Jedi who'd crack down on such a den of sin and lust. Many of the larger deals, such as smuggling, dealing, and information collection, are handled by Benny himself. The rest of the operations are ran by his hired cohorts. Currently, anyone with a good amount of credits can either strike it big or lose it all within Stratosphere.

Darth Adekos

Derisive Umbaran
Benny said:
20x promiscuous woman of various women each
Woman of various women, eh? Sounds like a party.

I'm approving this, but you might want to clean up that sentence so it says what I think you mean before it gets locked and shuffled.


Gah! 'ppreciate you pointing that out Mein Fuhrery Judge!
Done and done. @[member="Gerion Ardik"]