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Adenn Gra'tua

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Duggan was on a transport heading away from republic controlled territory, he had known that if he came across any Jedi they would see him as a psycho and arrest him, or worse. Sadly the transport was filled with citizens and was slower than most transports, but it had some arm room for Duggan. He was on his way to the cargo hold to acquire a weapon that he hid in one of the containers, it wasn't the best of things but it was a slug-thrower and could put someone down. Stepping In a elevator Duggan checked his suits systems, making sure there was extra air and other things "why does every elevator have to move slow" he complained "not like I'm in a hurry but come on" when the elevator stopped Duggan checked around, making sure no one was around 'I forgot why I brought the weapon' he thought. When he arrived at the container that held his weapon he opened it, revealing a brute of a weapon "forgot how old this thing was" he grabbed the weapon and closed the container, walking towards the elevator he felt the ship rumble making the ship creak and groan "what was that" he said slowly, before there was another loud creak and even louder groaning from the metal and a hole was torn in the side of the cargo hold sucking all the air out. Duggan's helmet folded up as he was sucked into space, he tumbled through space trying to get a view on what hit the ship. He hit a large piece of the ship, after a moment he got his bearings, but before he could look at the transport he looked at the planet they were next to, a jungle planet by the looks of it "what planet is this?" Duggan turned to the ship only to see it with even more damage than he thought. Jumping off the debris Duggan activated his suits built in boosters he aimed for one of the gaping holes in the ship.

(OOC: Hey @[member="Tefka"] can you archive this? It isn't quite what I hoped it would be and I used the wrong character.)