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Stranded: I've Come From A Shuttle That Marooned Me On Gamorr

Xhal Taleed


@[member="Talon Vosra"] | @[member="Subject 13"] | @Everyone/Anyone

Xhal guessed that the settlement's name was Nudskutch, largely because he had heard the settlement's clan leader say it several times. Xhal did not speak Gamorrean and so understood little of what else the clan leader had said. Whatever he had said was apparently not very welcoming. As soon as the clan leader had finished speaking, he violently assaulted Xhal. Following the end of that beating, a slightly smaller Gamorrean Xhal assumed to be the clan leader's lieutenant beat him up as well. The beatings continued for the better part of fifteen minutes as the Nudskutch's chain of command buried Xhal under an avalanche of punches, headbutts, and so forth.

Thankfully nothing was broken, but Xhal was bruised beyond all regular meaning of the word. Now that the beatings were concluded, Xhal was simply ignored and left to stumble around Nudskutch a broken and injured Duros. This settlement was as technologically backwards as they came. There was no starport; precious few buildings even had electricity. Xhal doubted even running water held a presence here. Figures that he would have been left in such close proximity to his own definition of hell. Xhal considered braving the swamp again, but he doubted he would get far in his current condition. Maybe when he wasn't sore all over...

Growing tired of his aimless wanderings, Xhal slumped down against a building and sat defeated. He was tired; needed to rest. Then he could try to find the closest starport and beg for passage off system.
13 had not wanted to come to this wretched system for a number of reason. One of them being he did not want to waste his time talking diplomats for the fringe. But being the Representative of the knights he had a job and he was good at doing it. Having no emotions proved useful at times like these apparently...sitting in the back of the cockpit organizing the things in his backpack his pilot flew him down to a wide field that was located next to an assortment of buildings. 13 stepped to the back of his ship and jumped down onto the lush grass. Turning his head over his shoulder as his ship took off. Sighing heavily 13 looked at the buildings and began to make way to them.

As he walked motionlessly through the streets 13's turquoise eyes scanned the area. He probably looked like a typical teenager. Black lightweight cargo pants with military officer boots and a black jacket with a fur rimmed collar. he wore a pair a headphones that matched his eyes and holding in his hand was a Katana still cased. As he continued his walk 13 came upon a...creature who looked like he had just gotten into a fight with the school football team. Clearly losing it. 13 looked at the man without a hint of emotion and tilted his head. Did he need help?

@Xhal Taleed

Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae

Warden, Traveler, Hopeless Romantic
@[member="Subject 13"] @[member="Xhal Taleed"] @Talon Vosra
A robed figure watched the beaten up Duros and younger Knight that came to his help from the distance.
He was concealed under brown robes, wrapped around his body securely much like one who would be huddling from the cold.
He was standing in shadow, next to what could be considered a Gamorrean dinner, but in reality it was more of a meadhall, he knew better than to share his meal with Gamorreans.
His face hidden under shadows of his hood, mostly, only his smirk visible as he waited and observed.

Suddenly, a punch was thrown at him, he ducked quickly, simply evading it by squatting underneath. It was the dreaded Gamorrean Battle-Waitress, bringing him the small meal and drink he ordered.
[Gamorrean] "Gweek-squeee, squeeeal, chrk-gweeee, oink, gweee. (Here you go, Outlander, I hope it will not implode your stomach)"
She offered him the plate with a mug and he took it, giving him a grateful smile
[Gamorrean] "Ah, gweek, squeal-oink, snort, gwee-chrk, marsupials, gwee. (Ah, thank you, I appreciate it.)"

And he quickly ducked again, dodging another punch thrown at him by the waitress, common Gamorrean greeting/farewell procedure, and was left alone to his things.
Sitting down, in the shadow of the building, on the dusty ground he brought the mug to his lips and took a sip, watching the Duros and the humanoid being off in the distance.
@[member="Xhal Taleed"] @[member="Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae"] @[member="Subject 13"]

Talon's Sigma-class transport rested on it's landing struts like a great beast on it's haunches as Talon scanned the area with his electro binoculars. The primative Gamorean village below lay relativly quiet near the rocky hill where Talon had landed. He was here for a run away named Xhal. He did not cate for the Sith Master to whom Xhal belonged but finding Xhal would bring Talon recognition and glory for capturing what the Master could not hold.

Talon put his binoculars away and went inside to don his Darklight armor. He was going to have to go down to the village and search for this one himself.

Xhal Taleed

@[member="Talon Vosra"] | @[member="Subject 13"] | @[member="Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae"]

It was not very often that Xhal saw humans. He had spent most of his life in the space around Duro. It wasn't until his abduction that he had prolonged interaction with their sort. He didn't find anything innately wrong with them, as some non-humans often did, but up until now Xhal could not have said to have seen an adolescent human. As such, as far as Xhal was concerned, presently staring him down was the most strangely garbed sapient he had ever seen. Not only was it dressed funny, but it was carrying what appeared to be a weapon. A primitive metal sword, still in its carrying case. Xhal had figured no one used metal blades very frequently any more, but there was always someone who had to stray from the times.

Speaking of straying, the strange human with the primitive weapon was still staring at him. This made the Duros incredibly uncomfortable. Considering he had just been beaten up by an assortment of Gamorreans, he did not feel the need to stick around and get stabbed by a human that was not fully matured. The Duros engineer stood himself back up, relying heavily on the wall for support, and proceeded to hobble his way down the nearby alley, evidently fleeing.
13 watched as the poor creature examined 13's appearance carefully. Seemingly intimidated by 13's appearance even thought he was not a threat. Not to him at least. The blue one stood and began to hobble away and 13's face remained emotionless as he cocked a brow. Apparently he did need assistance. Slouching his shoulders down and blinking 13 put the bottom of his sword at his waist and spoke. "Do you...need help?" 13 said blankly. His eye twitching as he sensed the opposite side of the force near. 13 was hoping not to deal with any complications.

@Xhal Taleed

Xhal Taleed

@[member="Subject 13"]

Xhal paused in his hobbling away from the strange child. Had he just been offered... Help? He hadn't spent too long on Gamorr, but having had the snot beaten out of him so recently, help was a foreign word to him. The kid was still toting the antiquated weapon, but if he was offering help then he obviously couldn't have been too bad. Xhal turned around slowly, a hand gripping his sore rib-cage as he sized up the kid who'd approached him a second time.

"Uh... Yes. Yes, I do. Do you have a ship?"

Perhaps that had been too direct, but Xhal wanted to leave as soon as possible. He decidedly ignored the eye-twitch he had just seen. If all he had to do was sit with a crazy person to get to civilized space, he'd do it ten times over.

Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae

Warden, Traveler, Hopeless Romantic
@[member="Xhal Taleed"] @[member="Subject 13"] @[member="Talon Vosra"]
Well seems the Duros and the child were talking peacefully enough, but still, Sammo had that feeling he could not shake off or come to peace with. His smirk changing into a soft scowl for a second he got up, picking up his mug and plate
Time to get my bases covered
He thought to himself.
In a slight stroll he moved around the corner and pushed the door aside as he entered the meadhall. The door creaked as it closed behind him, the noisy place filled with Gamorreans fell quiet as they all stopped their conversations and brawls and looked at the door, at the human who dared to enter.
Sammo rose his hands quickly, calling out
[Gamorrean] "Gweek-gweek, squeeeeel krhk! (Next round is on me!)"
There was silence as they all still stared at him, most of the Gamorreans slowly picked up their axes by now
Sammo sighted defeated, grumbling out as he rose the last of credits he, jiggling them in a pouch
[Gamorrean] "Oink-squee, gweeek.. (Fine, next ten rounds are on me..)"

And with that the hall erupted in joyous uproar, a scene unfolded that resembled that "To Life, to Life, L'Chaim" scene from Fiddler on the Roof, only with Gamorreans. The clamor and celebration could surely be heard by Duros and 13, to them it seemed probably the Gamorreans were celebrating something, and indeed so, they were celebrating free alcohol.
Meanwhile, Sammo dropped the pouch of credits by the bartender who was busy brandishing his axe in celebratory manner, Sammo used the distraction to disappear among the Gamorreans, but he was watching. Surely, he was watching.
[SIZE=10pt]Talon picked his way across the distance between his ship and the village, as he stretched out with his feelings toward the village in search of the Duros fugitive. The way was relatively easy to traverse and the fauna avoided him as he moved. Things were going very well until he reached the village perimeter. As he drew near two rotund Gamorrean guards met him and barred his way. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]Talon had nothing against Gamorreans in general but he had no prejudices against any species. To Talon the galaxies denizens fell in only one of two categories; those who are useful and those who are not. Gamorreans with their incredible strength and low intelligence made them easily manipulated, which put them in the useful category. Talon stopped and stood calmly drawing on his emotions to fuel his connection with the dark side of the force. The Gamorreans spoke but their snorting, oinking, and squeals made no sense to the Zelosian Sith. Talon raised a hand toward the two and visualized tendrils of force leaving his hands and delving into the two simple minded beings. He sent thoughts of fear across the distance between them and was quickly gratified to see the guards move to get out of his way. Whether they feared because of the force fear he tried to use or perhaps that they thought he was crazy didn’t matter as much as the fact he got results. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]The village was primitive as he had seen but the simplicity suited the savage people that called it home, and Talon found it easy to move around with little attention as he searched for the Duros. He reached out again and felt the presence of others strong in the force. This would not do, he had hoped to avoid more attention than necessary, but he could not turn back now. Talon tried to close down on his presence, but the chance that they had felt him use the force was too great to think he could hide. He checked his Sabers in his gauntlets and then his blaster on his right hip. With luck he could get the Duros without their notice, but then again conflict seemed to find a way of rising when you would rather it not. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]Talon moved along the back streets and into an alley then saw across the street and to the left leaning against a building stood the Duros conversing with someone. Talon resisted the urge to rush to action and pulled his force presence in tighter then tried to hide himself as he watched. Hopefully the boy would not be the heroic type and Talon could get the Duros without trouble but he could feel the tension building in the force. Things were going to be more difficult than he had believed. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]@Xhal Taleed @Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae[/SIZE] @Subject 13

Xhal Taleed

@[member="Talon Vosra"] | @[member="Subject 13"] | @[member="Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae"]

The human child had stopped responding. That was weird. For a rather prolonged period of time, it stood there, staring at him as if he were waiting for a response. had he not heard Xhal, or was he having trouble deciphering his speech? Xhal's Basic was heavily accented, but not unintelligible, he liked to think. It seemed Xhal had incorrectly guessed the extent of this child's strangeness. He began to move to the left, slowly skirting the edge of the child as he made his way further into the settlement. He didn't want to stay here any more, not with freakish children running amok the place.

As he wandered through the streets yet again, he passed a building that appeared to be re-enacting a scene from Fiddler on the Roof. Xhal was not going anywhere near there after having been beaten by the brutish creatures not but an hour earlier, and so expedited his movement as he walked by. He needed to leave, there had to be someone around here who could get him off this rock.


On the edge of the settlement the primitive-looking-woman stood, marred with her array of facial Qukuuf's. Her eyes flickered across the scene before her, the brutal beatings that were aimed at a certain Duros who took it without incident. She sensed a longing to be gone from Gamorr, and luckily for him that was exactly why she was here, whether he knew it or not. Men of his profession, who were good at what they did, were few and far between, and thus Sotir had need for him. Yes, she knew who Xhal was, his reputation, and she had followed him here - albeit a little later than initially planned. When he wandered away from the centre of the village she knew that it was time to reveal herself, and thus the young Kiffar stepped from the village's boundaries and over to the strange blue man.

"Greetings" She said, her voice light and welcoming, even warm, while her words were wholly intelligable, Sotir had been raised around a mixture of species' who spoke various languages, both known and unknown to her. "You're Xhal Taleed, right? Renown engineer?" Extending a hand out towards him it seemed at first that she was wanting to shake his hand, yet the tenderness behind the offer suggested otherwise. It was an invitation for him to follow, all the while she continued to beam at him. "I'm Sotir. Please come with me, Gamorr does not seem to acknowledge your potential." Then she added, as an after thought; "I can tend to your wounds, also." With that Sotir hoped he would come with her... She wasn't very fond of the Gammoreans herself.

@[member="Xhal Taleed"]
@[member="Xhal Taleed"] @[member="Sotir"] @[member="Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae"]

Talon watched for a time as the young human stared at the duros. Then shook his head as the duros slipped away from the human still standing and staring at the wall.

'All too easy'

Talon then began moving to intercept the blue skinned scientist. Taleed was now a few short meters away and Talon's goal was nearly achieved. He stepped out of the alley 4 meters to Taleed's right and was granted the distinct pleasure of seeing another blasted person get to the duros first.

Talon had to think fast. He couldn't let Taleed go but he didn't want to have to kill him or random woman and children either. The dead were usless to Talon, most of the time, and he had a Sith lord to embarass. Talon didn't have a plan or an idea of the newcomera ability so he did what any good Sith would do, he lied.

"Xhal? Xhal Taleed?" Talon said breathlessly as if he'd been running, then psused and bent down with his hands on his armored knees. "The council got a report from an intercepted transport that said it left aperson of your description here
I have been sent because I was already in the system. I'm Padawan Duke Ryehopper. I'm here to resucue you."

Talon straightened still trying to act winded.

"My ship is not far from here if we hurry we can be in hyperspace within the hour." Talon motioned for the scientist to follow and turned his armored head toward the woman, "excuse us please, miss."
Watched the scene silently, leaning on a powered down electrostaff and waiting for the scene to play out in one sides favor. After seeing Talon approach the group and speak to the Duros, he took up the Electrostaff and waited to see whom would claim the engineer, and if he needed to intervene to make sure the engineer remained in the hands of those who his skill would be valued by his supperiors. Though, this did not necessarily mean that the Empire had to take him, just that a threat to the empire couldn't take him.

Xhal Taleed

@[member="Talon Vosra"] | @[member="Sotir"]

Now there were two more humans who had come out of nowhere, both somehow already knowing his name, and both offering him passage off-planet. If there was such a thing as too much good luck, then this was certainly it. One of them was a young fellow, a Padawan from the Jedi Order. He introduced himself as Duke Ryehopper, and had apparently done a bit of running to get here judging from his exhausted demeanor. Duke's armor was... Uncharacteristically dark, to say the least, but Xhal wasn't exactly up-to-date in regards to what color schemes were deemed appropriate for Jedi.

Then there was the other. A primal looking woman whose voice gave Xhal a distinct sense of comfort. Sotir. No associations, as far as he knew, just an offer to patch him up and get him out of here. He didn't exactly consider himself 'renown,' but he was willing to let the compliment pass through uncorrected. Logic dictated he should probably go with the Jedi. Peace, security, and protection of the innocent was their whole shtick. Then again, Xhal didn't want to really involve himself with the Jedi. He had enough of dealing with Orders of polarized Force Users for now. The Sotir woman was rather convincing. Something about her just seemed to be fairly trusting, though it wasn't for any lack of effort on Duke's part. Had he been the only one present, Xhal probably would have gone with him; disdain for fleeing into the arms of another Force-cult notwithstanding.

"I... Think I'll, uh, go... With her..." Xhal said slowly, cautiously, and with a detectable bit of nervousness. He took a few slow steps towards Sotir, but spoke to the Jedi. "Thanks anyway..."
Watched the conversation, quietly looking between the two humans, almost dropping the thought of the Duros being his target so as to study the two humans for now. He took up his electrostaff and slung it over his shoulder hearing the Duro's words, then started forward and raised his voice as he got within fifth teen feet, speaking in a cheerful tone after reaching up and brushing back his hair. "Hello all, how's your days." He stopped and stood with one knee cocked forward oddly, his silver Exoskeleton armor shimmering for a moment.

@Xhal Talreed @[member="Talon Vosra"] @[member="Sotir"]
@[member="Juthan'Athar"] @[member="Xhal Taleed"] @[member="Sotir"]

Talon groaned inwardly as the Duros scientist resisted his ploy. Talon thought of usinh the force to persuade him but the other force users would feel the energies and the 'jig would be up' so to speak. Talon may be able to just kill the woman though not without effort but the young human and the other he felt before were cosiderably stronger. Just when Talon thought he would take his chances of ambushing the Duros and Kiffar when they left town a-blasted-nother person got really interested, just in time.

Talon seethed as the very fashionable Chiss came into the conversation. This was getting beyond frusterating, it was down right hilarious. Talon could not be doing worse if he took off his clothes and rolled in razor grass. Talon looked around for something to cause a distraction and found a group of young Gamorreans standing around an outdoor cooking pit. He drew on the force gently grabbed a rock in the force and tossed it at the back of the largest of the fat green pig men. The Gamorrean turned and hit one of the others creating a domino effect and within seconds a brawl was breaking out and Talon spoke again.

"Quickly all of you my ship is this way." Talon said urgently, "That fight could turn village wide and our Duros friend looks like he's had enough."

Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae

Warden, Traveler, Hopeless Romantic
@[member="Talon Vosra"] @Juthan'Athar @Xhal Taleed @Sotir
"That will not be necessary, mes amis!"
The voice rang out from behind the group, it was a large group of Gamorreans, half-ass drunk and happy like all Gamorrean hells. Held on the shoulders of one of the larger Gamorreans was Sammo, sitting and smiling with large flagons of finest Gamorrean alcohol.
He called out, motioning to the group of brawling Gamorrean, getting their attention

[Gamorrean] "Oink, gwee-squee-gnark, garug-geee-squee-squee?! (Why fight amongst each other when you can drink?!"
Other Gamorreans following behind Sammo called out as well
[Gamorrean] "Gwee, oink-squee! (Yes, join us!)"

A brawl among Gamorreans was not a big deal, it could be quickly started, and just as quickly ended, and this was one of such cases.
As fast as Talon started a brawl, Sammo has ended it with just the righteous large amount of alcohol.

Before the group knew it, the brawlers joined other Gamorreans in consuming large quantities of alcohol paid by Sammo happily, and they were moving back towards the inn, leaving them alone with no damage.

The beauty of it was, the alcohol meddled with Gamorrean minds so much, Force tricks would not do much good to them right now, alcohol tricks on the other hand, that's something much different, a powerful art in its own rights.

That's why Sammo liked to cover all his bases so much.
Grinned at Talon, a knowing in his eyes before he turned to the others. "Well, with that commotion over, how about we get..." He looked at Xhal, "My deepest apoligies, what is your name sir?" He let himself appear as unintimidating as possible, even though he had a pistol at his side, and a Electrostaff and rifle slung over his shoulders. He looked at Sotir, "Hello miss, i assume you are helping this man?"

Xhal Taleed

@[member="Juthan'Athar"] | @[member="Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae"] | @[member="Talon Vosra"] | @[member="Sotir"]

Things were happening quickly again, and Xhal did not like that at all. Partying Gamorreans had absorbed a pack of brawling Gamorreans that Xhal could have sworn got set off by a mysterious, flying rock that did not appear to have been thrown. He had't seen it too closely, though, so it was impossible for him to tell. Now some sort of armed, blue-skinned human was pecking him with questions too. He had some kind of Electrostaff, which made Xhal more than a bit more nervous. It looked like he was getting more reasons to want off this rock than just Gammorreans.

"I'm, uh, Xhal...." Xhal said, growing alarm evident in his voice. He directed his attention back towards Sotir. "Can we go? Please?"

Every passing moment made Xhal a little more uncomfortable. It wouldn't be long before he started sweating.
Juthan blinked, looking over his shoulder at his weapons, "Oh, im sorry, i didnt mean to appear as a threat. These are just protection again the natives." He shifted and looked over at a group of Gamorreans, "Mind of i come along and help you two, i dont mean to intrude but ive seen far too much injustice to just stand by and not help you Xhal." He looked back at the Duros, his eyes showing he was sincere in his words, the pain of his own people wiped out influencing his actions. Even if they had died long ago that pain still left a scar that would not heal any time soon.

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