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Storm Soldiers

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• Intent: To create a standard issue unit for the Sky Kingdom
Image Credit: Here
Links: Spintiri Warfare Corporation

• Unit Name: Storm Soldiers
• Affiliation: Shadow Imperium, Spintiri Warfare Corporation
• Classification: Infantry
• Equipment: Medium Combat Armor, Energy Bow, Tactical Fighting Blade, Military Traumpack,

• Availability: Common
• Deployment: Mass
• Strengths & Weaknesses:
• +Know Basic Tactics
• +Numbers
• +Disciplined
• +Capable of Independent Thought
• -They are not equipped with heavy combat armor
• -Energy Bows have Limited Range
• Description: The Storm Soldiers are the standard issue soldiers of the Sky Kingdom. While not equipped with state of the art technology, they are equipped with fairly good weapons and armor. The Tank and File Storm Soldiers are capable of independent thought and basic tactical decisions by themselves, but normally leave more important tactical decisions to higher-ranking officers. They wear armor similar, but not identical to, the storm troopers of the Empire of Old.

Alright lets get started!

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