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Stone Hermes

Mercury Zealot

Monstrocity of Moross - Deceased

NAME: Stone Hermes
FACTION: The Moross Crusade
RANK: Believer
SPECIES: Resu (Terrestrial) Cyborg (Via Techno-Virus manipulation from the Moross God Neth)
AGE: 15
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 10 ft (4 meters) tall with a 3 ft tail (1 meter)
WEIGHT: 500 lbs (226 kilograms)
EYES: None
HAIR: None
SKIN: Silver
FORCE SENSITIVE: Force Blind (Racial)

(+) A Mechanical Monstrosity - Since his transformation, Stone Hermes now possess an armored shell comparable to heavy armor, and strength incomparable to any ordinary human. He can lift nearly three times his weight (roughly 1500 pounds, or roughly 3/4 of ton).

(+) Resu strengths out of water - The Techno-virus "blessed" upon Hermes didn't do a whole lot of actual change beyond fusing his former survival suit to his body and strengthening it, as it incorporated Resu biology into its weaponization. As a cybernetic organism, Hermes possess tusks and a jagged mouth for crushing victims unfortunate enough to be within melee range, claws, and back spines. Additionally, he may now uses his tusks to arc his bio-generated electricity.

(+) Big Bad Sword- Hermes and other Techno-beast Resu converts possess a four foot long sword, that if in contact with living flesh in excess, will begin the conversion process of the Techno-Virus. This is also true if a wound is inflicted via Hermes various other sharp parts, including but not limited to: Tusks, Claws, "Teeth", Back Spines, etc...

(+/-) Still Biological- Despite being dominated by machinery, Hermes is still a Resu, and thus possess his old Resu tendency's and former cultural beliefs. He is also still biological, and has a need to eat, breath, and reproduce, and the machinery has made a few of those things a bit more difficult.

(-) Hydrogenated Water- He is still largely depended on the safety of the hydrogen tanks located on his back, and the liquid water beneath his metal armor to stay alive. Because hydrogen is highly explosive especially when compressed, this proves to be a major weakness if exploited. Additionally, if his armor is pierced, it is tantamount to bleeding out.

(-) Vulnerable to EMP's- Because of his technological domination, large electromagnetic pulses will severely cripple Hermes for a time. The damage done can be repaired however in a period of time. The Techno-Virus will repair the damage by utilizing biological substances and alchemically altering it into mechanical replacements. This significantly drains his vitality, but in the end if he survives everything is repaired and restored.


Before his transformation, one could say that Resu do not really deviate much in appearance, after all, they are blind fish. However, Hermes is registered by other Resu as a cripple, incapable of fighting for any worth. He’s almost an exile due to how close he is to being incapable of pulling his own weight. What registers a Resu as a cripple and next to death? Half a tail and a gimpy fin. It takes a Resu with an indomitable will to continue living when each surge forward brings him quite a ways to the left, and his overall speed reduced to half as well as twice the energy to keeping surging forward and correcting your swim pattern.

However, since his encounter with the Moross Crusade God Neth, Stone Hermes is like a monster out of nightmare. He is a tall imposing silver and jagged machine thing, with lots of sharp things located on various parts of the body. He has digitigrade legs with huge clawed toes, long arms with long clawed fingers wielding a fat bladed sword, and his featureless smooth head is ripped open by a jagged mouth and two large tusks protruding form the chin. All about the metal monster electricity dances about.


Hermes is an unimportant, even expendable, common Resu. He is the result of the marriage of two equally common and normal Resu Warriors of the same community. Many were birthed, half were eaten, half were kept, and few survived the journey to adulthood as they are conditioned for the rest of their lives for continuous conflict, until the day they become veterans if they do not die, and devote the rest of their lives to science in near perfect cultural protection. Hermes was no different, and was going to be an ordinary warrior in an ordinary feud between rival families again and again until he grew too old for such juvenile combat. But then he fought his last battle, and it nearly killed him. He was greatly wounded albeit having fended off his opponent, and there was no remedy for missing flesh. Though he was revered as heroic and powerful for his ability to kill an enemy at impossible disadvantage, he would come to feel dishonored. He was pulled from war early, and sent into service as a much needed linguist for the Imperial Confederacy of the Realm of Resu. Of course Resu don’t really speak at all in the sense that mankind knows, but they needed people to interpret the partial translations and memorize unfamiliar phrases to put into context. Communication is key for this Empire, that doesn't even yet know it is under the influence of the Galactic Entity known as the Moross Crusade, of whom he shall soon meet. What shall be said and done in that first meeting will be marked historically in Resu and Galactic Society that shall encounter the Crusade.








1. The Day of Evolution and Divinity: First contact between the Moross Crusade and the civilization of the Imperial Confederacy of Resu within it commences, and assimilation begins with a surprising twist. 1/16/14 (COMPLETE)

2. The Crusade Has Come (Moross Crusade Dominion of Kinooine): The Crusade conquerors a world of pirates. 1/23/14 (ON GOING)

3. A New God: After Ithari the bloody had been allegedly killed by the Neth the Keeper, the third god descends upon the people of Moross, Kalee the Sword. 1/28/14 (COMPLETE)

4. Pilgrimage and a Day of Pray: Stone Hermes learns how to pray and worship the gods. 2/12/14 (ON GOING)



#. Second Contact: Stone Hermes has been irreversibly altered into a new horror of fear...

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