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Zahori Denko

Property of Blizzard Entertainment.

  • Name: Stonak

  • Designation: Sentient
  • Homeworld: Thustra
  • Language: Galactic Basic
  • Average height of adults: 2 meters
  • Skin color:
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow

[*]Hair color:
  • White
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Black
  • Gray

[*]Breathes: N/A

  • Strengths:
    Hide of Stone: As the legend says, and has been proven, the Stonak's are birthed right from the sides of the mountains of Thustra. Stonaks can take much more punishment than the average being of the galaxy. Their skin is pure stone, thus making them very resilient to physical and energy damage nor do they tire out or feel pain.
  • Regeneration: Being made out of sentient stone has many benefits. One being the ability to regenerate oneself by consuming stone. If a Stonak were to lose a limb, in order to regrow the limb, they would have to consume a large amount of stone from their mother mountain and wait a few weeks for the limb to regrow.
  • No Questions Asked: The Stonak were created by the formere Sun King to be fearless and obedient. And they are. Each one follows orders to the letter and show no fear in a thing they do.

  • Warriors: The Stonak are bred warriors, not riflemen. They only weild melee weapons made from stone, therefore they only have melee capabilities. Very few will take it upon themselves to operate tanks or gun emplacements, but this is a very, very rare case.
  • Dependent & Aimless: The Stonak depend solely on their leaders or commanders to give them direction. Each Stonak has a Stonak Commander who gives them their orders. Without a Stonak Commander, the Stonak battalion under his command is lost and confused until they are given a new commander.
  • In the King's Name: Knowing how resilient they are, the Stonak are quite reckless. Their inability to feel fear causes them to throw theirselves into battle like raging animals and beasts. Even the most dangerous situations do not stop them from fighting. Not even battles where it's obvious they will die. This usually leads to much collateral damage, overkill, and, sometimes, the deaths of allies.

  • Distinctions:
    Stone bodies
  • Claws
  • Ageless

[*]Average Lifespan:
[*]Races: There are no distinct races of the Stonak species
[*]Diet: Stonaks have no need to eat, but consuming stones from their mother mountain can regenerate their limbs.
[*]Communication: Talking

Culture: The Stonaks have no definitive culture. They are warriors. They were created to be the guardians and elite soldiers of the Sun King. Their lives revolve around the heat of battle. Their way of fighting is typically ruthless and effective. They were trained to strike their enemies down until they no longer are recognizable. There's over 200,000 Stonaks. Every few thousand answer to a commander who answers to the King.

Technology level: The Stonak species, alone, typically use weapons made from stone and they themselves don't have or use any forms of technology. If necessary, the Stonak will operate a gun emplacement or a tank but only in desperate times.

General behavior: The Stonak are determined warmongering constructs. They were created as the royal guards of the King of Thustra and his family. Each one is brainwashed into being ruthless warriors and servants to the King. They follow no orders but from their commanders who relays orders from the King.

History: As the Gulag Plague became an epidemic across the galaxy, Lord Ada'voth Kon, King of Thustra, called his council together to discuss a plan to battle the Gulag Plague should it reach Thustra. Instead of battling the disease, they decided upon creating something that would render the disease obsolete: an army of inorganics.

Through the might powers of the council and the king, a mountain was discovered. A mountain filled with sentient crystals much like the Shard species. Once they were discovered, the king had his servants gather them by the hundreds of thousands.

Soon, the Gulag plague hit the planet and began to ravage the countryside. The king was running out of time. As the crystals were being mined, the king had "bodies" created for these crystals to use. For every crystal mined, a body was created.The crystals were supplanted in these bodies after being excavated from the mountain. To create a bond between the crystald and these bodies, the bodies were made from the stone of the mountain the crystals were found in. Each crystal was essentially brainwashed into becoming servants of the king and his kin only.

Sadly, the king died of the plague once the army was complete. Thus, the army was never used. Riots ensued all over the planet and there was no one to keep order since the heir to the throne, Haza'loth Kon, was off planet at the time. To this day, the Stonaks lie in slumber beneath the royal palace awaiting their king to command them.
  • Notable Player-Characters: None
  • Intent: To create a species that was made to serve the Sun King, the ruler of all of Thustra.
@[member="Vael'roth Kon"]

Please change the image, anything WoW/Warhammer created shouldn't be featuring as an image.

Add in the atmosphere it breathes. It cannot breathe nothing; atmosphere I is standard air, I'd suggest using that.

Your weaknesses aren't weaknesses - please see to it that you add in some physical form of weakness/biological etc.

The culture/tech/general behaviours/history sections need developing.

I am extremely uneasy with the method by which they were created, it is not grounded in any form of canon at all - what permits rock to move freely? how does eating rock permit them to regenerate? what is keeping them alive?

I want to see something extraordinary from this, Gambit, because as it stands this submission is already hanging by a thread.
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