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Approved Tech Stinger Speeder Bike

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Credit: LSDhillon

Intent: To allow light infantry and reconnaissance troops the ability to rapidly target and engage light to medium tanks in the field.
Manufacturer: Tenloss Corporation
Affiliation: Tenloss Corporation, Open Market
Modularity: Vehicle can be custom modified by owner as with any speeder bike.
Production: Mass Produced
Material: Steel alloys.
Description: Recognizing the potential need for a light, anti-tank gun for light infantry and reconnaissance forces in the field, Tenloss has yet again delivered a product capable of fulfilling that role. Armed with a lighter and shorter laser cannon than those found on larger vehicles, the Stinger allows soldiers to rapidly target and engage light to medium vehicles from a fast, light platform. This can provide excellent support to recon units and light infantry platoons who come under fire from armored units or who desire an added punch while on the offensive.

The trade off is rather substantial, however. The vehicle is light and fast, but is much slower and heavier than most speeder bikes and lacks armor entirely. The primary source of the weapon's weight is the mix of engine, repulsor, and weapon meaning leading to an overall weight at half a ton. The laser cannon also features a few drawbacks in range and penetration making it all but useless against heavier vehicles. The cannon is also stripped down and cut short save weight, but at the cost of fragility and rate of fire. Each shot deals less damage than a regular laser cannon and requires reloading after each shot, making the weapon's rate of fire as fast as the loader can replace the power pack. Significant damage to the cannon can cause catastrophic failure in the power mechanisms which often leads to the weapon exploding and destroying the vehicle. Also, because the weapon is fixed to the vehicle, the laser cannon can only be aimed by manually turning the vehicle to engage the target. Finally, the driver/pilot is completely exposed to fire which allows attackers to easily disable the vehicle by killing or wounding the personnel manning it.

- Able to damage and destroy some lighter vehicles.
- Able to damage some "heavier" light vehicles and medium vehicles.
- Fast and compact design
- Light vehicle and easily transported.

- Light gun is ineffective on some medium vehicles and most, if not all, heavy vehicles.
- Slower than most speeder bikes due to the weight of the gun.
- The laser cannon requires a change of power packs per shot, making reloading a hassle for the gunner.
- Laser cannon is a fixed mount and requires the whole vehicle to move in order to aim.
- Pilot is exposed to enemy fire
- Pilot is essentially sitting on a saddle mounted to a potentially volatile laser cannon (Pretty much the pilot is straddling a potential bomb if the mechanism takes damage just right...)

Role: Heavy Reconnaissance Vehicle, Light AT Weapon, Support Weapon
Height: 2 meters
Length: 3 meters
Width: 0.6 meters
Weight: 500kg
Minimum Crew: 1
Optimal Crew: 1
Propulsion: Repulsor Lift
Top Speed: 100km/h
Armaments: Laser Cannon (Cut and stripped down. Single shot. Requires power pack swap each shot)
Passenger Capacity: 0
Cargo Capacity: 1 rider with equipment.
Misc. Equipment: Light/Cut Down laser cannon (essentially, it's a short range, weaker laser cannon designed to fit on a speeder bike)

War Hydra

King of Monsters

1) please find an image
2) please change the weapon to a standard laser or heavy blaster. Turbolasers are huge and would leave no room for an engine, power source, repulsors, and other tech needed to make this functional.
3) 100km/h is very slow for a bike. Does it have armor plating? Or was that to compensate for the size of the weapon?
4) this vehicle needs to weigh at least half a ton.
5) please tidy up the organization of your information and add another paragraph to the description.

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@[member="War Hydra"] @[member="Popo"]
Keep in mind that Factory submissions do not require images, though they are highly suggested that you add them to help with the general concept and design aspects.

And it is indeed underpowered, a simple speederbike design with more drawbacks than strengths. Looks good to me.
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