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Stealing a Jedi Before She is Made


Vash stood on a cliff edge, overseeing the land of his ancestors. Shili was a world that had always been close to the Republic and the Jedi. Young Force Sensetive Togruta for thousands of generations had been going to the Jedi Order and only the Jedi Order. Togruta had been slaves to the Republic, beholden to them and always within the service of the galactic good. He scowled slightly, displeased by this.

Togruta were predators. They were carnivores and hunters supreme. Everything about them was built to hunt, to find prey, and to kill. Yet most of his kin were sent to the Jedi Order...to do what? Be peacekeepers?

He scowled, anger rising within him and the Darkside alongside it. Vash stared down into the village below. He could feel a presence there, one strong with the force. It was just like him. A strong and pure innocence within the force, something only a child could give off. Another fodder for the Republic, another child to go the Jedi and their army. Vash would not have it so.

He would take his kin and have them be raised Sith. He would give the child Freedom, true freedom, just as it had been given to him all those years ago.

With a wild Leap Vash began to bound down the cliff's edge, jumping from outcropping to outcropping. By the end of day he would increase the ranks of the Sith.

Moff Iridius

Sith, one of the mightiest warriors of the galaxy. Known for their deception and cunning in battle. Their ferocity and evil knew no bounds, they were perfect. The perfect being to gather data for. Above Vash's head was a stealth drone watching him, and not far from that drone a few miles out was a woman and her data pad jotting notes of everything the drone saw. The man was there for some reason, it mattered not though. He was a prime specimen for study, and he would prove to be worth the time to invest in