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Approved Location Station Agruss

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The Admiralty

  • Intent: Expand on Meridian Dynamics' holdings in the Galaxy.
  • ​Image Credit: John Liberto
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  • Structure Name: Station Agruss
  • Classification: Asteroid R&D Facility
  • Location: Cholganna System, Chol Nebula.
  • Affiliation: Meridian Dynamics.
  • Accessibility: Station Agruss is located on the outskirts of the Chol Nebula and as such profits from the distinct properties it possesses. For instance, it is very difficult to traverse the nebula, if you are not in the possession of a pre-determined route through it. Furthermore sensory equipment have a tough time penetrating the nebula, going haywire and picking up objects on the scanners is complicated. As it stands Agruss is protected by its presence in the Nebula and its own secretive nature, where few people are made aware of its existence.
  • Security: Medium.
    Security feed.
  • Autoturret network.
  • Biometric security.
  • Security guards.
  • KX-series security droids.

[*]Description: A state-of-the-art R&D laboratory constructed on a stabilized asteroid located within a far-flung nebula. It is here that Meridian Dynamics conducts most of their clandestine and secretive research into various fields of science. From experimental antimatter operations to studies into repulsor-fields, Station Agruss keeps Meridian Dynamics at the forefront of technological advancement.
  • Division Aleph: Research into the effects of antimatter and other experimental energy sources is conducted here. The laboratories are reinforced and recessed some distance away from any critical points of the Station, because of the high volatile nature of the studies. It isn't rare for other labs to overhear muffled explosions in the distance. "Oh, they are studying x over at Aleph." has become a standard explanation at this point. There is an all-clear signal to ensure everyone knows when it is a simple experiment or when something more is afoot.
  • Division Besh: Besh is also known as the Black Hole Department (a reference to the mythical Black Hole Team of Sullust) and focuses its research on exotic resources, particles and strange phenomenon. They are also in charge of Meridian's leaps and bounds into anti-grav technology.
  • Division Cresh: Compared to the first two departments Cresh is a relatively new addition into the field. With the hiring of half a dozen Arkanian scientists in the aftermath of a shift in power on Arkania Meridian has carefully started experiments in the GenTech fields. Most of it revolves around pharmaceutical substances that increase the efficiency of space travel and make a life in space more comfortable in the face of artificial gravity, unique atmosphere and the sort.
  • Security Station: The central hub that has the ability to direct and guide security efforts throughout the Station. Secured with biometric locks and regular patrols this is the central nerve center of Agruss.
  • Arboretum: A stationing post on Station Agruss is usually a prolonged contract. For this reason Agruss has been designed with a Garden of Ithor of sorts. Enclosed and deep within the asteroid the Arboretum has custom gravitational, atmosphere, temperature and humidity regulations. Separated in distinct 'regions' it ensures that the employees on Agruss can have a walk through nature, enjoy the scenery and relax. This is coincidentally also the place where Agruss grows some of its crops.
  • Docking bays: The main link to the rest of the Galaxy for Agruss. The bays can safely accommodate dozens of transports at a time and much of it supplies (the ones it cannot grow or generate itself) moves through it.
Station Agruss is named after one of the Zygerrian heroes of old who was killed in action during a slave uprising centuries prior to the Gulag plague.

In this the Station's main purpose is to strengthen Meridian Dynamics and through it Zygerria to ensure that such a thing would never happen again. It was constructed a decade ago during the expanse of the Silver Jedi Order across the Tingel Arm. Realizing that their way of life was being threatened it forced the Zygerrians to get creative. One of which was a concept for a secretive facility that could not be easily found or detected by their enemies. The Cholganna system was their answer- their scouts had detected and explored the system years ago, but other than flagging one of its terrestrial worlds as a point of interest nothing much was done with it.

The construction began soon after that.

At first there were some challenges with stabilizing the asteroid chosen for this project. After that there were issues with ensuring that... other rogue asteroids wouldn't keep crashing into the workplace. Eventually the Zygerrians figured it out, ensuring they would have a place where they could conduct research without being restricted by petty morals and needless bureaucracy.

Since then Agruss has expanded many times- digging into the foundations of the asteroid as more departments were added into the mix.

Where first there was but a single department, an atrium with a pretty (but smol) fountain and the docking bays these days Agruss is truly a marvel of Zygerrian ingenuity. Even the employees that have spend years isolated from the rest of the Galaxy have been happy with the new recreational additions that refreshed their minds and creativity. Probably.
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