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Starfighters - Primary Space Wing

New Killer Star
So, I saw the Praetorian Guard and was thinking to make a Primary Space Wing for deployment from our Imperial Flagship.
Anyone with any suggestions is welcome to post them, as I was figuring, if it was okay with @[member="Ronin Fel"] @[member="Davin"] we can build this from the ground up.

Combat Space Wing Esk

This will be the primary strike group based out of the Fel Imperium’s Flagship. In an effort to ensure the best roleplay experience, all player character pilots will be a part of this wing, however, they wing will dispatch their stronger pilots on deployments aboard other carriers.

Esk Expeditionary Space Wing - Silver Sword

KFA – 110 (12 Fighters, 3 flight groups of 4)
Imperial Knight Strike Fighter Squadron 110
Squadron Nickname - Red Knights
TIE Flashpoint
Imperial Knight Strike Squadron fulfilling multiple roles, primarily as the ‘tip of the spear fighter squadron’

VFA 134 (12 Fighters, 3 flight groups of 4)
Strike Fighter Squadron 134
Squadron Nickname - Blue TBA
Artemis-Class Starfighter
Space Superiority Squadron to provide a fighter screen of for the Primary Battle Group of the Imperium. This squadron will be filling the primary combat situations as well as escorts

VFA 148 (12 Bombers, 3 flight groups of 4)
Strike Fighter Squadron 148
Squadron Nickname - Black TBA
Battle Bird
The primary heavy assault squadron that will be focusing on taking out large enemy targets including battleships, cruisers, space stations and shuttles.

VF 121 (12 fighters, 3 Flight groups of 4)
Fighter Squadron 121
Squadron Nickname - Green TBA
Fire Bird
This squadron is the alert fighter squadron for the battle group. Pilots in here will be on watch most often, and will be deployed first into an engagement.

VQW 125 (6 Blastboats, 3 flight groups of 2)
Early Warning and Electronic Support Squadron 125
Squadron Nickname - Gold TBA
Fel Blastboats
This squadron is the squadron of the watch. They will be deployed around the battlegroup and will be able to launch electronic countermeasures to defend the air group and disrupt enemy communications


I vote for: The Samurai. Would fit with Ronin's name. Since Ronin=Samurai without a master.
Just another face.
I've always used the Outbreak for operations with Davin. Though anything else would be fine as well. I named the Star Destroyer that Ronin was on the Valor and that could work as well.
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I mean, names and everything are subject to change. I was just curious what we had.
Obviously its just a way to push the player characters into a wing, even moving it away from Aurek, which would be something like 'Capital World Defense' to Besh or Cresh Space Wing, to be an Expeditionary Strike Wing (Which makes the most amount of sense NOW as I type it) would probably be better

@[member="Davin"] @[member="Ronin Fel"] @[member="Zrs'fes"]
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@[member="Jared Starchaser"]
Oh, since we're going major, I've already got capital ship submissions and other tech tucked away for posting. I should have most of them posted within the week along with other tech and whatnot. We should also have a Spaarti Cloning Facility up and running to bolster our IC Navy and Army with trained soldiers and whatnot as well.
Just another face.
@[member="Jared Starchaser"]
I will probably bring one of those up. However, I will not be a Faction Admin nor will I hold those OOC responsibilities as I'm a Staff member of SWRP: Chaos.
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Updated this.
Assigned Fighters that are in Factory currently
Figured might as well follow traditional Star Wars and assign every squadron a color. Makes communications easier if each squad gets a color designation and then their own internal designation Red/Rogue and so forth
@[member="Davin"] @[member="Ronin Fel"] @[member="Zrs'fes"] @Voroll Dey Astaar