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Approved Starship Star Destroyer 'Contempt'

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Grand Admiral, First Order Central Command

Image Credit: zeedurrani
Intent: To finally sub the unique Dark Blade that Cyrus has been using for IC a decade.

Canon Link: N/A
Restricted Missions: N/A
Primary Source: Dark Blade-class Dreadnought

Manufacturer: Titan Industries, now a subsidiary of Vanir Technologies
Model: Dark Blade-class Pocket Dreadnought, unique variant.
Affiliation: The First Order/[member="Cyrus"] Tregessar
Modularity: N/A
Production: Unique
Material: Durasteel Hull, Upgraded Alusteel and Quadanium Double-Layer Composite Armor Plating, Glassteel and Transparisteel where appropriate. Internal Duraplast and AR-03 Damage Reduction Component plating.

When Cyrus Tregessar abandoned the crumbling One Sith he took with him most of what remained of his former command. Formerly Sector Fleet Iron Lance, it totaled several hundred vessels including a number of larger Star Destroyers and five of the soon to be infamous Darr Itah-class Battlecruisers. The entire defection process was directed from the bridge of the vessel that had been his flagship for nearly his entire career with the One Sith, that of the Dark Blade destroyer 'Contempt'. Eschewing the hulking firepower of the legendary Immortals, Cyrus kept the Contempt around for nearly a decade, slowly upgrading and customizing it internally to fit his exacting specifications. After the defection, it was placed in reserve, but maintained and upgraded again with the First Order's advanced technology.

Externally unchanged from the core class, the Contempt features an array of advanced computer suites to suite its role as Cyrus' flagship. Much of this technology is simply hardware and software that was developed for the Darr Itah's, ported over to the smaller ship. Significant additions include the Bastion Combat System, the swapping of many of the flak guns for the HARM, the addition of four of the new Mark 91 Particle Lances (all built around the spinal mount prow of the ship), and the inclusion of twenty advanced First Order turbolasers to give the ship some close ranged punch.

The Spinal Mount HVC has been upgraded with the tech present on the Mk 74's, and features a slightly higher rate of fire and projectile velocity than traditional HVC's. It sounds cooler, too.

The pure expense of refitting the ship means that it is extremely unlikely that any of the other Dark Blades that are in mothball in First Order service (there are a handful) will see a similar refit. It also required the entire reactor system to be cut out and replaced with a single super high output reactor, at a cost estimated to be nearly that of the original production value of a single Dark Blade.

The ship is crewed by personnel hand-selected by the Grand Admiral. Many are veterans of his tour with the One Sith, and a sizable amount of House Tregessar personnel brought into his personal service. There is a permanent detachment of Helldivers who act as personal security, with the rest of the embarked troops being members of the former 887th Sith Marine Raiders.

The brain of the ship is an embedded CIC that was extensively refit during the ships One Sith days. It would become the model for which the Darr Itah's were designed, and features a large circular compartment with a massive prominent holodisplay in the center. Two raised platforms (aligned with the fore and aft of the ship) act as the main command stations, with the forward typically the station of the ship's captain and core crew, and aft being the domain of the embarked staff. All around the sides of the chamber are dozens of operators and technicians who perform all the mundane functions of fighting the ship. The central holodisplay typically shows a huge fully 3-d image of the battlespace or area of operations, and is an incredible asset with regard to situational awareness (though it does take some training to learn how to read it). All the various consoles are interconnected and share data (filtered out according to user specifications) and in contrast with the archaic style common to Republic and Imperial vessels the CIC is often eerily quiet during the most tense moments, with critical traffic sent via internal communication systems.

The end result is a testament to the vision and expertise of the Grand Admiral, and is a singularly powerful ship.


  • Intensify Forward Firepower: With its main armament mostly unchanged, the Contempt still excels as an artillery ship.

  • Tougher than Nails: The original Dark Blades were built to be extremely hard targets. The Contempt takes that up to 11, with redundant shields and upgraded armor, not to mention he inclusion of the Bastion Combat System and additional defense emplacements.

  • Flagship: Customized and upgraded for nearly a decade, the Contempt operates to Grand Admiral Cyrus Tregessar's exact specifications when it functions as a Command ship.

  • Forward Fire Arc: More so even than classic imperial designs, the Contempt follows in its legacy as having a very restrictive fire arc.

  • No Hanger: Can't upgrade what isn't there.

  • Command Priority: This ship basically only appears on the battlefield in Cyrus is there, which makes it sort of a give-away who's in charge. If it is forced to retire from the field or destroyed, the fleet would likely be thrown into complete disarray.
Classification: Pocket Assault Destroyer
Role: Command Ship
Length: 1050m

Width: 300m
Height: 600m
Power Core Generator/Reactor: 1 x Advanced Solar Ionization Reactor
Hyperdrive Rating: 1.0, 10.0 Backup
Minimum Crew: 3,000
Optimal Crew: 8,000
Passenger Capacity: 5,000
Consumables: 5 Years
Sublight Speed: Moderate
Maneuverability: Moderate


Armament Rating: Extreme
Defense Rating: High


  • Misc. small craft

Standard Electronics Warfare/Countermeasure Package

Travis Caalgen

Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.
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