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Danger Arceneau

M'onnok Fork
Good morning, Folks!

One of the most entertaining roleplayed events during the Southern Systems Business Bazaar Auctions is the Mystery Auction.

What happens is that contributors provide items for an auction where the listed items are only lot numbers and a “catagory”. Folk who want to bid on these mysterious items can bid credits or barter. It turns into a fun event and at times you might come out winning big like an event ship or end up with Spencer Jacob’s panties.

The bidding can turn into a frenzy with friendly competition.

As a result, I am seeking contributors to please submit items they’d like to offer up for the mystery auction.

You may do so by PM’ing me in my inbox with a link to the item, a reserve price if any, and catagory.

Examples of categories are as follows:


I hope folk are interested and that we can have a blast with this!

Danger Arceneau

M'onnok Fork
Also, ima SUPER happy so say that we’ve already have lots of awesome folks submitting things. Don’t be shy, it can be as small or big as you like.

Whatever tickles your fancy to submit! The mystery auction is meant to be fun and provide a neat way to RP an interesting auction.

Who knows just what one might get?!!