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Approved Tech SRR-01 Rifle

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Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler

Intent: To create a weapon that can be used to kill or capture targets, as well as utilize existing Ssi-Ruuk Tech and give an advantage to NFU fighters against lightsabers.
Development Thread: If necessary
Manufacturer: Iron Crown Productions
Model: Ssi-Ruuvi Ion Paddle Beamer is a basis, as well as normal blaster rifles.
Affiliation: Lords of the Fringe, Ssi-Ruuk Empire
Modularity: No
Production: Minor
Material: Standard materials

The Ssi-Ruuk technological society had always relied on their use of Enteched souls to power their devices. Enteched souls require a living target however, and thus instead of gravitating towards more lethal weapony the Ion Paddle Beamer was created. Having evolved technology through different means than normal galactic technology, it gained the interesting property of passing though conventional shields and armor used by the rest of the galaxy.

This weapon continued to remain in use for the Ssi-Ruuk Empire for well . . . ever, until the Ssi-Ruuk Empire became a part of the expansion movement that was the Lords of the Fringe. With the possibility of aiding the LotF and or facing attacks because of them, the Ssi-Ruuk decided they wanted to create a more lethal weapon, but still wished to carry the ability to capture targets. Thus, a project to make the SRR-01, or Ssi-Ruuk Rifle #1, was born.

Sadly, as Rebel Forces had discovered centuries ago, the Ssi-Ruuk Ion Paddle Beamer tech was discovered by the Ssi-Ruuk to be incompatible with conventional blaster tech. Thus, an interesting workaround was created. The Ssi-Ruuk decided to opt for a larger than standard blaster, with two barrels separated by two individual power sources and firing mechanisms. This resulted in a bit compartmentalized technology, resulting in the blaster component storing less ammo and having less range than the traditional blaster, but the double blaster mechanism affords them a versatility they deem to be worth it.

Specifically, the Ion Beamer attachment allows them to render opponents unconscious, with glancing blows causing numbness in affected areas. As the Ion Beamer technology of the paddle beamer has the aforementioned property of passing through traditional shielding and armor, this also extends to traditional lightsabers, which quite simply bends around the beam and back to intended path. Lightsabers can be re-calibrated to stop this, making it to where the ion beam bends away from the lightsaber in a deflecting rather than reorienting pathway. However, this modification to the lightsaber renders it unable to block traditional blasters and plasma bolts.

As a result of the dual nature of the weapon it is also rather large and heavy, which while suited to it's Ssi-Ruuk creators and some of the larger species of the galaxy, renders it extremely difficult to use for near-human and near-human sized species.

Classification: Blaster/Ion Blaster
Size: Handheld
Status: Military, Illegal
Length: 1.4 meters
Weight: 12 kg
Ammunition Type: Power Cell + Tibanna Gas(Blaster), Enteched power cell (Ion Beamer)
Ammunition Capacity: 150(Blaster Bolt), 75(Ion Beamer)
Effective Range: 200m(Blaster bolt), 15m(Ion Beamer)
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