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Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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Nicademus Blith

War as a business to end war as a business

  • Intent: To Create a heavy sniper.
  • Image Source: 3dtotal.com
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Blith-Tech
  • Model: SR-284
  • Affiliation: Closed Market (Requires Marketplace Purchase or explicit contract.
  • Modularity: 4 attachment points (1 scope, on underbarell/bipod, 2 side attachments), stock, barrel.
  • Production: Mass Produced
  • Material: Blaster components, durasteel.
  • Classification: Blaster
  • Size: Handheld
  • Length: 609.6 mm
  • Weight: 7.8kg
  • Ammunition Type: Disposale power cells, Gas Cartridge
  • Ammunition Capacity: Normal Firing Mode(Powercell: 1, Gas: 50) DMR: (Power: 25, Gas: 150) Power Cell2 Magazine (10 cells)
  • Effective Range: 2.5km
  • Rate of Fire: Bolt Action/Semi-Auto
  • Supercharging

Disposable Power Cells


  • DMR Mode
  • Supercharge - The blaster on its default sniper mode supercharges every bolt that comes out of it, giving it an extremely high penetrating power
  • Bolt - Due to its mechanism, the blaster has a bolt action mechanism to replace the power cell to account for the massive power use.
  • Disposable Power Cells- The power cells cannot be recharged, and act more like normal bullets than power cells.

  • Range - Bolts have an extremely long range due to the supercharging, a range of almost 3 kilometers before the bolts dissipate enought o be rendered non lethal to an unarmored target.
  • Penetration - The bolts can penetrate class 8 armor up to 1 km in sniper mode.
  • Switch - The gun also has a DMR mode which allows more ammo capacity at the expense of range and penetrating power.
  • Penetration - The bolts can penetrate all but the heaviest of armors (class 8 or below)
  • Range - The gun has an extensive range
  • DMR Mode - The gun has a secondary mode allowing for greater ammo capaity at the expense of a much shorter
Weaknesses :
  • Bolt action - In sniper mode the bolt needs to be cycled every time the gun is fired
  • Ammo capacity - In every mode ammo capacity is very low.
  • Bulky - In sniper mode it is extremely difficult to carry around
The SR-284 is an extremely powerful, long range blaster rifle designed to act as a dedicated rifle for snipers to carry out their mission. Blith-Tech has gone through the process of asking hundreds of military snipers what they like in a rifle, building the rifle to the specifications given to them by these highly trained soldiers. They asked for things such as modularity, high penetration power, range, and portability as their requirements. Blith-Tech set out to meet these requirements, eventually finding that some unconventional design fit these criteria the best. The end result of the development process was an extremely strange bolt action blaster rifle.

The way the rifle works is that it has a gas cartridge on the side of the gun, right in front of the bolt, on the default mode it is good for about 50 shots. It is much easier to replace than most other gas cartridges due to its low capacity. Secondly, there is a 10 round box magazine capacity for the disposable power cells. On the guns default mode, the entire power cell is used, making this rifle rather similar to a slugthrower in operation, without the disadvantages such as bullet drop and heavy recoil. The power cell is completely drained to overcharge the shot, allowing it to penetrate all but the heaviest of armors (class 8 or below). However, the entire power cell is used, requiring the person to cycle a bolt to insert a new powercell from the clip. This is due to a lack of gasses to cycle the gun as would be possible on a slugthrower, instead a bolt has to be cycled.

There is some modularity however, as the guns barrel can be replaced with a shorter one rather easily, and the gun converted into a normal blaster rifle if need be, allowing semi auto fire, much like an old school battle rifle. In this mode the power cells get about 25 shots each, and the gas cartridge gets 150 shots. It has much less ammo capacity than comparable rifles, and functions more like a DMR or a battle rifle rather than a full on blaster rifle, having more range and penetrating power than something like a E-11, but not nearly as much as the blaster in sniper mode, only being able to penetrate class 6 armor and below.

The weapon has approximately 4 attachment points, one for a scope, one for a bipod or other lower attachment, and two side mounts. It also has two stock options, a longer stock for sniping, and a shorter one for dmr mode, as well as the aforementioned replaceable barrel. You can also acquire larger magazine capacity, and straight pull bolts to ease pulling the bolt when in a prone position.

Blith-Tech can also produce custom version suited for a particular customer's taste if need be, but most versions of this weapon are mass produced to be ambidextrous, and produced in 8 sizes for various body types and hand sizes, to ensure that most species can use the weapon.

The blaster bolt has also been modified. It has been modified to go much faster than a normal blaster bolt, extra electromagnets in the barrel allow the bolt to go ~25% of the speed of light, meaning they can cross vast distances very quickly, nearly eliminating the need for bullet lead and other things, though it can be modified for various speeds, including the speed of a slug, and normal blaster speed.

Travis Caalgen

Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.

Travis Caalgen

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