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Approved Starship Spore-class Droid Starfighter

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Chaos-God of Gluttony
Intent: I am making this submission to grant the Ghost ship, the Girth of Gluttony a description to the what droid starfighters/bombers it uses, and to ensure that it's small size is realistic for the number the ship carry's (500 droid starfighters in a 2,000 meter diameter sphere), while at the same time making them cheap, simple, and highly modifiable in place of over all effectiveness and fire power to balance it all out fairly.
Development Thread: None until asked, and if asked, could be potentially difficult. If their's a problem with this submission alert me so that I can drop its stats further, as I wish to avoid a development thread for them so late after the Girth of Gluttony's creation.
Manufacturer: The Sith Empire
Model: Droid "Spore" Starfighter
Affiliation: The Girth of Gluttony/The Sith Empire
Modularity: It's class can be modified (in a special launch bay) into four classes that shall be described: Fighter, Bomber, Sniper, and Defense Node
Production: Minor
Material: Basically materials such as Durasteel.
Description: The Spore-class Droid Starfighter was originally conceived during the construction efforts of building the massive carrier, the Girth of Gluttony. It was built with the idea of a cheap starship that could fulfill multiple roles at once even while in the midst of battle. This was not intended to be any elite class of fighter, or even all that intelligent. The secret to their power, is when applied in massive numbers with a host Battle station/command ship that has the right tools. To test out whether or not this was a viable strategy, it was decided that this new model of droid starfighter would be field tested in the Girth of Gluttony construction project, as it's sole starfighter compliment. It was built with a highly basic frame where additions could be very easily applied, anything from additional cannons, warhead launchers, shields, or even additional layers of armor.

Originally it was agreed that it would be divided into multiple role outfits specific for a particular task. The whole concept behind the Girth of Gluttony was being able to harbor an omni-directional offensive using a swarm of much smaller ships while being defended inside its bloated shield arrays. So while Starfighters and Bombers would be needed, only two classes would not make the cut. They needed a way of packing in more of a punch from a distance. Thus they modified an ordinary laser Cannon and doubled its power and range, at the expense of size and energy consumption. The "Sniper" class was conceived to pick out specific targets from a distance and devastate the enemy while staying out of range; at the expense of speed and protection. Then it was decided that even with two shields the Girth of Gluttony was much too vulnerable to attack, as starships are capable of passing through the outer shield and wreaking havoc upon the secondary shield, which protects the hull and thus the ship's components. A starfighter could hunt an enemy infiltrator down but this would be time and energy consuming. They needed guns on the main ship but had little in the means of constructing them with the available space, energy, and efficiency needed for them to be of any use. So then, rather than putting Point-Defense Cannons on the large ship itself, they heavily modified a Cannon put it on a Spore starfighter, and put on more armor to take a beating and deal damage, at the expense of energy efficiency and maneuverability.

However, it should always be remembered that the Spore class is meant to overwhelm an enemy with numbers, not to dominate an enemy with sheer firepower. Individually they are not very intelligent and are fairly easy to destroy. Coming in the droves though is going to be a lot more difficult to counter in this case. For instance, the Starfighter class is meant to be a fast ship that hits and runs, but if hit itself it will explode; the bomber class is a little more durable and a tad slower for the sake of being able to dish out damage on larger targets, and can take several hits until it's weak shield goes down, which afterwards shall explode in the same manner as the starfighter; the sniper class is intended to be used from far away were most other small starcraft are out of range, so its security is in distance, once that distance is broken however it is easily destroyed just as the others. Only the Defense Node can really take a beating, requiring several critical hits to bring it down, but they don't move very fast so this isn't particularily hard to do, though its difficulty increases when you have to dodge its Point-Defense Cannon. Additionally, the Defense Node is protected within the Primary Shield of the Girth of Gluttony, meaning that either the shield must go down to take out the Defense Nodes or small starcraft must infiltrate the Primary shield to take on the Defense Nodes, which is probably a suicide mission.

Classification: Starfighter/Bomber/Other
Role: Multirole; It possess four roles depending on a particular combat situation. It can be a starfighter which is largely a defensive class to combat enemy fighters, it can be a bomber which is largely an offensive class to combat larger vessels, it can be a "sniper" which is essentially a floating laser cannon with increased range to take out targets from a distance at the expense of armor and mobility, or it can be a "Defense Node" which is essentially a small part of a network of defensive drones that sacrifice mobility for superior firepower in close range and extra armor.
Height: 3 meters
Width: 3 meters
Length: 4 meters
Power Core Generator/Reactor: Battery (Recharges off of the host ship the Girth of Gluttony, which is powered by a Solar Ionization Reactor. Each class lasts differently from each other):

Starfighter=2.5 hours
Bomber=1.75 hours
Sniper=1.5 hours
Defense Node=1 Hour

Hyperdrive Rating: No Hyperdrive
Minimum Crew: 0, Droid Brain
Optimal Crew: 0, Droid Brain

Starfighter: Four Laser Cannons, w/ no warhead payload
Bomber: Two Laser Cannons, w/ Two warhead launchers (Six warheads each)
Sniper: One Laser Cannon modified for extended range and power output (assume double ordinary laser Cannon), w/ no warhead payload
Defense Node: One Point-Defense cannon scaled down for a starfighter, w/ no warhead payload

Hangar: N/a
Non-Combative Attachments:

Starfighter: Sensor systems, and droid control receptor
Bomber: Sensor systems, droid control receptor, and weak shielding
Sniper: Sensor systems, and droid control receptor
Defense Node: Sensor systems, droid control receptor, and extra armor plating.

Passenger Capacity: N/a
Cargo Capacity: N/a
Consumables: N/a
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: Starfighter=1, Bomber=2, Sniper=3, Defense Node=4 (Only orbits command ship)
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