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Spirit-Class Mobile Fortress



Intent: To create a mobile fortress to support the invasion of worlds, or to strengthen the defences of a world under attack

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Restricted Missions: N/A

Primary Source: N/A


Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation and Corellian Arms

Model: Spirit-Class Mobile Fortress

Affiliation: Closed-Market, The Dominion

Production: Limited (Max one per planet)

Material: Durasteel, Alusteel


Classification: Command Ship/Planetary Assault Carrier

Length: 2400m

Width: 2400m

Height: 600m

Armament: None/Extreme [Weapons can not be fired when in space, only when planet side]

x2 Triple Mounted Lusankya super-heavy turbolaser

x1 Assault concussion missile Launcher

x20 AFSG-IP51 Corellian Arms Quad-Laser Cannon

x50 Missile launchers w/ Vindicator XM-15 missiles

x200 ACS-801 Witch Fire CIWS

Defences: Extreme

Internal Automated defence system

Ultra Thick Heavy Alusteel armour plating

DSS-02 shield generator

Hangar: [Can not deploy fighters in space, this is a cargo capacity, when on ground hanger size is quadrupedal due to open air landing platforms]

24 C/T 400 Transports

3 Fighter squadrons

1 Bomber squadron

Manoeuvrability Rating: Low [Low when on ground]

Speed Rating: Average [Low when on ground]

Hyperdrive Class: Class 1 [No internal hyperdrive, sled rating]


Dominion Telecommunications Kit (Dominion only)

Molecular furnace

CAR-X4 ordnance magazine component

Massive passenger capacity:

One army Corps
5,000 Non combat support personal

2 Bahamut-class All Terran Heavy Assault Walkers + crew

15 All Terrain Shock Enforcer + crew

100 Urban Recon Walkers + crew

Room for up to an additional 250,000 personal and doubled vehicle capacity once on planet, it is not possible to deploy full for safety purposes, the additional troops must be transported and deployed by traditional means.


[+] Dreadnought: Once deployed on the ground the Spirit-class is nigh invincible against ground based attacks, the easiest method of destruction is anti-ship weaponry or boarding action.

[+] Heavy long range weapons: The main weapons of the fort are meant to fire at targets far off, it's impressive height allowing it to fire over the horizon, the guns can even elevate to 90 degrees allowing to fend off harassment from orbiting capital ships.


[-] Scoot or shoot: The Spirit class mobile fortress is extremely vulnerable when moving via repulser, the massive power drain caused by using the massive repulserlifts required to move the base leave the fortress unable to use it's main weaponry. It can walk via the six massive legs while remaining fully operational but at an extreme loss to it's already slow speed.

[-] Space race: Although capable of moving through space with the help of a sled of hyperdrives and engines the base can not shoot or launch any of it's fighter compliment during this transit, it can only raise it's shields, this means it requires a massive escort to safely reach it's target.

Description: Spirit-Class Mobile Fortress is the solution to the lack of coordination in the landing forces of an invasion, too often are key personal lost while landing or troops scattered by AA fire, and once troops are on the ground there is often difficulties establishing proper lines of communication. The job of a Spirit-class class is to secure a landing area for further forces, and be a hub for military communications on the planet. The Spirit-class is not a proper space ship, rather it is an extremely large walker/repulser craft that is capable of space flight. The Spirit class uses six massive legs to walk when defence is a priority over speed, it uses massive repulserlifts similar is nature to the World Devastators of old, however this leaves the Spirit class unable to fire it's weapons just like when it is space.

The deployment of a Spirit-class indicates the importance of a battle to the high levels of command. Once a Spirit is deployed it is impossible to remove off of a planet without specialised assistance, it is committed to the battle zone until compilation either through victory or defeat.

​Due to the shear size of a Spirit-class they are not assembled in a factory, rather they are built in a orbital shipyard and transported using a hyperdrive and sublight engine "sled". This sled is jettisoned before hitting the atmosphere of a planet when retro rockets and repulserlifts take over, several charges go off breaking it into many small pieces and burning up just ahead of the Spirit-class, this confuses targeting sensors and helps ensure a safe landing.

Due to the expense and rarity of these constructs they are named in a similar style as naval vessels, this also help with identification of the fortress during transit. The naming convention for these follows a specific guideline, "Spirit of" is always the beginning of the name, it is both a mark of pride for those assigned to these massive fortresses and a unique prefix allowing for quick identification.

In order to defend it's self in transit and on the ground the spirit class carries a shield generator fit to protect it from full scale orbital bombardment, and alusteel armour several meters thick.

Travis Caalgen

Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.

Travis Caalgen

[member="Bartic Myth'rand"]

I'm just going to say it;

This is not going to work.

2,400 meters in length, 2,400 meters in width, it's not a command walker, nor is it a battlecruiser, it's the size of a space station, and that is not okay given it's intent as well as other variables.

Please rework the submission, and resubmit it at a later date; I want it smaller (As in around frigate size, around 200-300 meters), I want other things like armament, and defenses to be reduced. Then we can get back to it when it's appropriate.

Travis Caalgen

This submission has been denied and moved to the Archives.

You may request a Second Chance within the Factory Discussion Forum and tag Cira for review.

Thank you!

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