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Approved Tech Spintiri Crystal

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Romi Jade

Jedi Beauty

  • Intent: To create a unique lightsaber focusing crystal for Romi's lightsaber.
  • Image Source: Tier 4 Class Catalyst Crystal // Marvel Contest of Champions (x)
  • Restricted Missions: Balance Point
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Name: Spintiri Crystal
  • Manufacturer: Siverra Lightsabers
  • Homeworld: Spintir
  • Production: Semi-Unique
  • Affiliation: Spintir
  • Modularity: No
  • Material:
Liquid Rock
Mineral Components

  • Classification: Lightsaber Crystal
  • Weight: Very Light
  • Resistances:
Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): None, on its own.
Kinetic: None, on its own.
Lightsabers: None, on its own.
Other: None, on its own.

  • Force Bond : Spintiri Crystals have the unique ability to form a link with their wielder through the Force, and will only ever bond to that one person. From the moment it's touched or held (direct skin), it will link to the Force-Sensitive and resonate with the wielder and their personal relationship with the Force. Essentially growing with the wielder, it acquires its color, character, and strength as it comes to understand its masters own relationship with the Force. In turn, the crystals are capable of augmenting its masters own powers. When utilized, it provides a modest boost to one's connection to the Force, pushing it to a higher degree that is plausible to the users rank and strength in the Force. Though, as much of an advantage the connection is, it can be just as much of a disadvantage. Due to the bond, the crystal reflects its master regardless of alignment, but if there is any corruption or outside manipulations (Light or Dark) the crystal will become vulnerable and break. The process then starts back over, and the user must re-bond with a new crystal if they can find one. If the user dies, or parts with the blade it will become vulnerable and break. These crystals also feel what the users feels, attacks through the Force can cause fluctuations that cause the crystals to grow weaker which can lead to vulnerability.
  • Slightly Enhanced Focus : Spintiri Crystals also provide a slight sense of relaxation, which can be quite useful in intense situations such as battle where clarity and focus is needed. This in part helps the user even focus their abilities and channel them properly in some of the most dire and stressful situations likely to be encountered.
  • Force Bond - The crystal bonds to and reflects the users personal relationship with the Force. Provides a boost to their connection that is suitable to their rank and strength in the Force. I.e Telekinesis becomes slightly stronger, or Force lightning gains an extra spark or two.
  • Focus - Helps the user focus in intense and dire situations.
  • Primarily Focus Crystal - Due in part to its fragility, and ability it is best used as a secondary crystal, as it's possible it could cause the blade to shudder in a primary role. It's primary attributes are more beneficial in a supplementary role.
  • Fragile - The crystals themselves are very fragile which make them even more difficult to find. One can only find them in the Cave of Light & Shadow, Spintir.
  • Permanently Bound - The crystal will bind to the person upon their touch. When the user dies or parts with it the crystal shatters. It also suffers from any attacks through the Force as you do, which can also cause it to grow vulnerable and more fragile.
  • Corruption - These crystals grow into their alignment based on their master. As corruption usually extends to the darkside, these crystals will suffer all the same if attuned to the darkside and a lightside force acts on it. It can be destroyed easily by either side.
  • Force-neutral Bubbles - In the same way these neutral zones would affect a Force-user, it would nullify the abilities of the crystal.
  • Stealth - With the link between the crystal and the wielder at a constant, it can be honed in on by those with a highly tuned Force sense, and in a certain situations make stealth more difficult.
Spintiri Crystals grow in the Caves of Light & Shadow which is the site of a vergence in the Force where both light and dark energies exist and remain unbalanced in response to the status of the Galaxy.

Growing amidst an unbalanced energy field that constantly changes, these crystals have no alignment until they have bonded. They are translucent in appearance initially, and when light is shone through them they bend and refract it, giving off a strange omnipresent translucent glow.

After the fall of Coruscant to the Sith Empire and imprisonment on Lola Sayu not to long after, Jedi Knight Romi Jade traveled to Spintir accompanied by Jedi Master [member="Coren Starchaser"] in an effort to complete the task given to her by the Bendu back on Eadu.

Having scaled the mountain, they uncovered crystals embedded in the cavern walls. Hearing the whispers through the Force, Romi connected with a specific crystal and immediately bonded after briefly touching it. Musing over the concept after fending off a pack of Ice wolves, Romi and Coren sought to harvest a few of these crystals for personal use in an effort to see their capabilities. Gathering the ones scattered after the skirmish, they carefully handled them as to avoid direct contact with their skin.

Meeting with Coren's apprentice [member="Mishel Noren"] back on the Pau City Blockade Runner, Romi later realize with her help that she was able to use her crystal as a personalized focus crystal in her lightsaber. She provided the rest to her Padawan: [member="Jace Khel"] [member="Aten Ramses"] [member="Quvox"] and Mishel.

Alric Kuhn

Handsome K'lor'slug
Romi Jade said:
Force Bond - The crystal bonds to and reflects the users personal relationship with the Force. Provides a boost to their connection that is suitable to their rank and strength in the Force.
Could you qualify this a bit more? I know you elaborate a bit earlier but I need the strength to be a bit more specific with just how much it boosts someone up. Not exact numbers but just "A force push becomes slightly stronger, force lightning gets an extra spark or two" etc.
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