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Speak to Me of Life in the Shadows

Alexia Preston

Kashyyyk was always a fun place. Filled with trees, life, and danger.

That's why a visit was absolutely required.

Alexia paused only long enough to pack before she whisked away to the dense forest land hell bent on reaching the shadowlands. She arrived, stayed two nights in a rented treehouse, and then decided to inquire around for a guide. She sent word out through the usual channels, deciding to wait at a local bar to see if there were any takers.
@[member="Togashi Yokuni"]
Darth Shinigami was the name he was known here. Never seen out side of his dark robes and mask. With this anonymity he stayed hidden deep cloaked within shadows. Allowing him to traverse in among the Sith. Long ago he once walked the halls of the Sith proudly showing his face. That was a time when he immersed himself in the blood, death, and fires of war. Now he was a Imperial Inquisitor, a Master of Shadows.
Slowly descending the steps into the cantina Darth Shinigami surveyed the scene. A light fog of smoke cling in the air. The smell of drinks and standard music one would expect on Korriban. Here Shinigami did not have to hide his true Force Signature. His presence hung think around him. A unmistakable black aura of a Master who lived for hundreds of years transferring his life to one poor soul to another. The years of war and his love for violence and pain. He was unmistakably Garith Darkhold. Very few people in this galaxy knew Garith Darkhold was still alive. Many may have heard the name before and very few knew that Garith and Darth Shinigami was the same person or even make the connection between the two.

Sensing the presence of one who could make that connection, Garith smiled. “Lexie”, he did not whisper but he did not yell either. It did not have the volume to carry over the crowd and the music. A few people near him at the bottom of the steps heard him but where more concerned about what ever they were doing to care.

Walking further into the cantina, passing people standing and some dancing he looked through the crowd for his former apprentice. He could sense her but there was just so many people in here finding her was a bit of a task. So where was she in the crowd of people?
@[member="Alexia Preston"]

Alexia Preston

It didn't take much. Almost silent came the energy, the power she felt when someone she knew well said her name. "Lexie." There was only one person ever who called her like that, and it was a dear friend. She turned, her face lighting up with hope. The anticipation of reunion and the promise of adventure.

"Garith ..." she whispered in response, feeling him before she could see him. But once she laid eyes on the body that encompassed the aura, there was no hesitation. Even wearing a mini dress and heels, she slipped off the barstool and silently made her way over to him, not even pausing before placing her hand in the crook of his elbow and moving to stand beside him. Touch was a big thing for Alexia. She didn't enjoy physical contact without concentration. There were few people she could be so casual around, and all of them have been mentors at one point or another. While the gesture was hardly intimate to the casual observer, anyone who knew the Sith Mistress would know it was a sign of trust.

"It's been a long time, my friend," she said, leaning so her head was just behind his arm. In case anyone was watching that shouldn't be. "What brings you here?"

@[member="Togashi Yokuni"]
So silent was one of his names spoken Yokuni almost missed it. Almost….Yokuni turned to the direction @[member="Alexia Preston"] oomph came from. There she was stylish as ever. Not that the smile could be seen ….he smiled warmly under that mask as Lexie took him by the elbow and escorted over to the bar. “It has been a long time”, he glanced around at the faces in the crowed. Being seen as a Sith in Republic Space may not have been the wisest idea he had.
He was actually trying to think how long ago it was, so many life times blurring into one and another. “I was actually passing through and sensed you here. It would have been a crime if I did not say hi. How have you been?”