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Space Scrubs! [Anemone + Dante]


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
@[member="Anemone Nivalis"] @[member="Dante Xehanort"]
All that Dante would be able to see was darkness, not total darkness, but pretty dark.. darkness.
For he was held in a containment cell aboard the Siege Tower, adventuring Frigate of droid HK-36, known as the Iron Knight in the Protectorate, only metal walls around him, his hands and feet still bound in the stun cuffs. On the wall opposite to the door there was a small port-window, up near a ceiling, few stars shined through it, scarcely parting the darkness of the cell.

Meanwhile on the bridge,
HK sat in his captain's chair, calculating and playing a bit of Warfront in his HUD before his Yeoman spoke up.
"Lord Observer?"
He glanced to her
"Yes, Yeoman?"
She motioned towards the consoles
"We are closing in on Fondor, we will be entering real space soon."
He nodded in affirmation
"Good, very good."
He stood up, pushing himself off of his chair
"Prepare the shuttles and troop escort, notify the Cardea Medical Station that we will be bringing a possibly dangerous new patient as stated before."
She nodded to him
"Very well."
She confirmed, turning back to consoles before he turned around himself, walking towards the exit
"Tell the troop escort to meet me at the containment cells, I will go to the prisoner and see him."

After a while,
door to the Dante's cell would open and the tall figure of the droid would stand in it.
"Have you awoken, son?"
He spoke to Dante in his dull drawl.


"Have you awoken son?"

"Have you awoken?"

Dante snapped awake in a flash, clawing at whatever was in front of him, which happened to be the air. Upon seeing the droid, he backed up, shaking his head. "L-leave me alone... I don't want to hurt you." It was then that a massive headache came about, and he grasped his head in agony, still shaking it. It was obvious that he was suffering both physical and mental pain.



The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
@[member="Dante Xehanort"] @[member="Anemone Nivalis"]

"There is little you can do to harm me, I have lived for a long time and faced many Force users. I have adapted and learned to avoid even electrical attacks and hacking attempts."
The droid would take a single step into the cell, still awaiting confirmation from the hospital for transfer of the patient.
"We have awaken at the hospital, here they will be able to help you and ease your pain."
HK would reach down to try and help Dante get up
"Come on then, I would not want to keep you locked up forever."