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Space Ambush

Davik Tren

The Friendly Fiend
Davik observed the blank emptiness of space that had been holding the spacer's ship for more than 2 hours now. He, and his companion were lying in wait. In wait of a vessel that his employer told him would be coming soon. Aboard was a jedi. For the sum he had been offered the job was well worth the risk. His employer had even supplied the equipment for this task, a small, but powerful gravity well. It could only be used once due to its side, but it is very powerful. They had long known the destination of the jedi vessel and that it was bound for Tython. They had found the path the ship would take to arrive to the planet due to the fact that intergalactic travel to Tython was rare. Their ship was the only icon bound for the jungle world.

Davik looked at the the ship will be here soon. He looked to his wrist and pressed one of the buttons on his gauntlet, and almost immediately the gravity well sprung to life and soon their own ship's indicators showed that their hyper-drive was disabled as well. This was alright they would not need their hyper-drive until the job was over. Davik looked @[member="Kiber Lacer"] and gave the bounty hunter a brisk nod, and watched as his helmeted form disappeared down the hallway. This needed to be timed perfectly there would be no time for a second chance. Davik looked back at his console and rapped his fingers on the arm rest of his seat with anticipation.

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