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Somewhere, Beyond The Sea

The Calamari Sector
Water spread out before her, lapping waves against the shore of the archipelago she had found herself stranded upon.

As mesmerizing as it was to the girl who stood in awe of it, after all it stretched a whole world of blue out to the horizon, it also held the unknown. Never had she seen such a thing. Her life, up until but a few weeks ago, had been spent in almost eternal darkness, where the only view beyond the windows of her prison had been a snowy tundra. Almost constant cold, even within the facility.

But here there was warmth, and a bright light which pained her sensitive eyes.

She had stared at the turning tides for what could have been hours now. Retreating when it pulled too far up the shore, seeking the shelter of shadows cast by palm trees when the heat became too unbearable, yet always looking upon it. At one point she had made the mistake of trying to drink it, being that she hadn't much else to sustain herself with, but that had been a huge mistake. Not only had it been salty to all hell, but it actually made her thirst worse.

The smoldering mess of metal which made up the felled ship lay about half a mile down the shore. A stench of gas and burning flesh lingered over the air there, toxic and unbearable to breathe in, and so she hadn't dared return in search of supplies. There were no other survivors, though, except for a BB-Unit Droid, she knew that much.

A series of binary beeps drew her attention to her right.

"I know," she croaked, surprised by how hoarse her voice had become, "But the water is yucky."

Further beeps exuded from the droid, who began to roll away from her somewhat eagerly. With a small sigh she rose up and followed after him, stepping away from the shore and into the tropical forest which lay at the center of the small island. Whistles and beeps chirped from the little guy who seemed pleased as punch with himself. For there, laying amidst the coarse long-grass, sat some sort of... Oversized nut. It had been cracked open, and inside she could see the remnants of what looked to be water.

She needed no further encouragement, rushing forward and slumping to her knees in order to drink it up. Crisp, sweet, and refreshing.

"Oh, Bee," she murmured, after a few seconds, "You're fantastic!"

The next few beeps left her more skeptical, however.

"Eat it? But it's so hard, how would I ever eat it?"

Soon enough she had a couple of the oversized nuts in her arms and was walking back toward the shore. Something about it called her to the water, she longed to step into it but she didn't. Not yet, at least, no matter how tempting it was.
It was nice to feel the warmth of the sun on his back, his body still recovering from injuries from the battle of Midvinter, relished the healing properties of it and even he likes to be warm from the biting cold. The lapping water of the great ocean licked over the surface of his surf board as he lay on it with arms folded to form his pillow. His mind is always clear out on the sea, the smell of the salt, and sun and sand such a contrast to what he is used to, or what drives his blood from day to day. But he can think out here, beyond the breakers and so alone with only his thoughts to interrupt him.

It was not the first time he had been on Dac, in fact he had a lot wonderful memories of the place from his childhood. Being with his friends, Makkie and Zak, how they had such fun teaching him to surf, well teaching him to enjoy the surf. That seemed so long ago, Zak went off to marry his girl, Makkie found him again in the Iron Empire and spent time there. Théo did not know where he was now, probably working for his father. It was nice to remember old times, some times …

So much had happened, he just needed time to himself for a few days. But all good things come to an end and come the evening he would go home and face uncertainty again. Uncertainty of his own design, some of it not, but either way, people depended on him once more and he would not let them down. That is a certain.

The distant whinging of ships engines made Théo lift his head, and he squinted through the sun light toward the sky to try and see it, but couldn’t. But it was obvious that the ship was in trouble by the sound of it and eventually he could just make out the billowing flames streaming from the engines as it vanished beyond the horizon into the thickness of the palms that covered the island. He started to paddle into shore, using the waves to propel him faster and soon he hit the sand running with board under his arm which he threw to one side before gathering his shirt and saber and set out toward the plumb of black smoke columning high into the sky.

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