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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Kyra and Steph had come to Jakku to witness the Graveyard of Giants. A magnificent set of ships, half sunken into the desert sands, which jutted up into the sky. Pierced through the clouds.

It was early morning. Steph was still sound asleep up at Star Point, after a very adventurous night amidst the Giants, but Kyra could not rest. It felt haunting to be back within her old home. When last she had been here it had been with Connor, before their big journey through the stars to Sark'. How long ago that was now, how much things had changed.

Where was he now? The jerk who had tried to kill her in the junkyard... The friend who had stood by her side infront of the Space Witch... The saviour who had dragged her from nothing, who had taught her to swim, and promised to teach her... Where was he now, the man who had unknowingly stolen a piece of her?

So she left the house upon the hill and ventured down into the valley below. Sand kicked up in the morning breeze, and to counteract it she lifted her collar over her mouth and narrowed her eyes. Thinking about [member='Connor Harrison'] hurt her soul. She hoped that a walk through nothingness would soothe it.

[member='Cron Revik']
It had been years. Hundreds, in fact. Everything to be thought about had been thought about. Everything there was to hate had been hated. And all the memories were not as clear, like an old map, they had yellowed.

All of this time, I had sat hoping for change. But nothing ever did. Every emotion had been felt for the Sith by this stage. Gratefulness, Hatred, Anger, Happiness. They even brought me to life, to family, and to love. But that's when i found that I was nothing more than an experiment. I was simply created to do their dirty work. I couldn't live like that, knowing that everything that I did contributed to the death of innocence. Which is why I told my so-called master that I wouldn't do the work.

"Ha, you'll regret that one day, scum" he said to me, and dropped me on the floor, like I was utterly worthless.

He wasn't very clever. Shards are clearly different to a layer of dirt on a liquid. But he was right. I had regretted it since. And then not. And that regretted it once more. Emotions constantly change the deeper you think about it. But after 10 years, I learned to thank AND hate them for what they had done, and sort of well.. make the most of the peacefulness that had been given to me. I do not regret my choice overall. I would still be contributing to the death of innocence if I had chosen otherwise.

After these hundreds of years, I finally feel something new. But what is it? Or was it once again me, thinking to the point where I feel a change. Wanting one so much that I believed that I could feel one?
Down the dusty path she wandered, then off the beaten path all together. The sand slowed her movements, but she did not mind. She wasn't here to run, to rush, she was here to enjoy the peacefulness of dawn. To banish the thoughts of a lost love. To keep her head in the game, to help Steph reclaim a sense of self worth. How could she do that if Kyra was unstable?

She walked until all signs of civilization were gone. And then she stopped. She sat to the ground, and set her eyes to the horizon. Crimson dawn spread across the length of the sky, drawing shadows from the craggy outcrops of sandstone around them. Exhaling, she cleared her mind.

And then she heard it.

A faint whisper, sing-song in tone... One which carried on the breeze. Melodic.

Where it came from, Kyra could not say. But it soothed her soul the way even the dawn had been incapable of doing so. Rising from the ground, she patted down her trousers before casting her gaze left. Then right. Where had the sound come from? It didn't cease, it remained the same pitch... Drawn out.

For some reason though, it sounded... Sad. Somber. Lonely. It hurt her to hear it, but she had to find out more. Was something injured? Some poor defenseless creature crying for help?

"H-Hello..?" she whispered, to whatever was causing the sound. "Hello?"

[member="Cron Revik"]
Was this really happening? The feeling seemed to be getting stronger... Strong enough to distract me from years worth of forced hibernation.. There is no way that I could trick myself into such a strong feeling. Something really was coming close. There'd be no reason for the Sith to come back and destroy me. Maybe they'd found a way to force me to work for them?

No.. The feeling felt less evil.. and the evil that was there seemed justified, far from my old masters intentions..

The feeling was so strong I felt like I could see it.. no. Her.

This could be my chance to get away from here, even if I was moved a meter, I needed this change...

But what could I do? I'm simply a shard. I'd have to do the only thing I am capable of. Sit, and try to make some form of connection to this person through prayer.

"Please!" I said to myself... Hoping.. Praying..
Closer and closer she moved toward the strange sound, and with each step she felt a presence blossoming around her. It was strange to feel, almost human but not quite... As though something was missing. Finally it was so intense she knew she had to be in its immediate location, only she could see nothing out of the ordinary. Just sand, stone, dust... More of the same.

A Ghost, perhaps? Such were said to be common on worlds like Korriban, where Force Users ran rampant. But Jakku? There had never really been Force Users here...

It wasn't until a rather unexpected voice rang within her mind that she realized all was not as it seemed. The Epicanthix jumped with fright, and set her gaze down... But all that lay there was a small shard of... what appeared to be glass... half buried in the sand. Reaching down, she carefully pulled it from where it lay, realizing all at once that it was a crystal.

Vibrant, blue, pulsating with life. Kyra's frown deepened. What in the seven blazes of Chaos was this? She turned it over in her hand, and heard the harmonies it produced increase in her mind. She realized that there was no real sound emitting from it. Yet she heard it all the same.

"Are you... Did you... Did you just speak to me?"

Surely not... Perhaps she had been outside for too long, in the fierce heat of morning on Jakku. Her head was playing tricks with her. It was the only explanation.

[member="Cron Revik"]
At last.

For over a hundred years I had sat, waiting for change. And now the time had come. Even if she was to shrug her shoulders now, and place me back down, I would at least have moved a few inches... Of course, I pray for more than this, but I have been awoken from my century long slumber, which is more than I ever expected.

A sudden rush of excitement flooded through me; In fact, I was the happiest Sith created crystal stranded in the middle of a desert for hundreds of years that has ever lived!

But the problem is, there is no way for me to answer the girl. How do I tell her that I hear her?

The only thing I could do is try to connect using some type of mental force and hope she can feel my emotions as I feel hers. As vague as the connection is, it would surely be enough for my intentions to be carried through to her.

I sat, resting in the warmth of her palm, waiting for her next choices, her next move. I was hers now.
No response save a warmer pulsation from the crystal, and a deepening of the sing-song humming. Its whole tiny crystalline presence seemed to swell beneath her touch, as though it recognized that she had plucked it from the sand. It was a comforting sensation to say the least.

The Force swelled around it. Had it been a Jedi's crystal, used to power a lightsaber? It definitely had the connection to suggest as much, brushing against her own. It felt... Weird. Alive. And not in the way that all things ought to have, if the Jedi's philosophy was to be believed, but in a truer sense. Like Kyne, or heck... Like her.

But how could that be? This was just a crystal.

For a mere moment she struggled with the thought of putting it down. What if it belonged to somebody? What if they needed it? In the end she did not replace it to the ground, she kept it within her hand and turned around. All thoughts of Connor had quickly dispersed, eclipsed by a strong need to know. What was this thing? Had it really spoken to her?

"I'm here" she said, though her voice remained quiet. Whispered. Was she crazy? Truly and completely crazy? "Though I don't know what it is you want from me..."

Back the way she came. Perhaps Steph could provide a greater insight? The woman was more Force User than Kyra, she had a stronger connection, and the training to compliment it.

"Speak again... I heard you before..."

[member="Cron Revik"]
She hears me? Not only did she manage to find me in this barren wasteland, but she can hear me?

Hmm... Despite the feeling of comfort and safety this what is seemingly a Woman gives me, You can never trust feelings entirely. For all I know it's the Sith... there's no way to be sure without a droid, or something similar.

Or maybe it's something different entirely? Simply a stranded human having a mirage... Heck, I could be the one having a mirage! It would explain the communication we seem to share... There's countless different answers, and none of which will get me out of my current situation. So, the best thing to do is ignore the "what if?", and comply with my senses.

I sat, and focused on combining the hundreds of years of peace into mere moments, and attempted to infuse the feelings into my holder, begging that they would react and understand that I'm trying to communicate. My future depended on it.

Even if I had gone crazy, I had no better option.
"I know what you are" came the whispered voice of Kyra as she retraced her steps back through the valley. Her spirits had been well and truly lifted, no longer dwelling upon Connor though she could not put him wholly from her mind. This being in her hand, for it was very much alive, was a Shard. A very rare find, but she knew she wasn't wrong. She could feel its sentience.

"And I know how to make you whole. Worry not, little friend."

She would still require Steph's help, though. While she could sort out a body for the being, helping it to attune and adjust was way beyond her level of expertise in the Force. No, that would be better suited to her Jedi friend.

"How long have you lain there, alone?" Her heart tugged at the very thought, so long... It had to have been. The being had practically begged to be moved.

[member="Cron Revik"]

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