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NAME: Antera (Somarae)
FACTION: Lords of the Fringe (TGE/Inquisition)
RANK: Independent Captain (Inquisitor)
AGE: 25
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'4"
WEIGHT: 115lbs
EYES: Solid Red
HAIR: Black, usually pulled into a pony tail or braid.
SKIN: Blue


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

Atrisian Officer/Agent of the Inquisition - Somarae is a graduate of the Atrisian Empire Military Academy as well as an Imperial Inquisitor. She has had a formal military education, and knowledge of Inquisition infiltration and operational methods.

Ace Pilot - Through a combination of training and force sensitivity, Somarae has demonstrated her ability as an excellent pilot. Her techniques have been steadily improving over time.

Force Sensitive - Somarae's connection to the Force has steadily grown, mostly manifesting in less flashy precognition, manipulation, intuition and energy channeling methods.

Cold as Ice - Somarae has the naturally chilly disposition of her people, sometimes making her come off as overly serious, clinical or stand off-ish. A social butterfly, she is not.

Cultural Complications - Somarae has had minimal exposure to other Chiss. She has almost no knowledge of their culture or the politics of the Ascendency, and in fact does not even speak fluent Cheunh or know her full name.

Driven by Duty - Somarae thoroughly values duty and loyalty to the Galactic Empire more than her own well-being.

Double Life - 'Somarae' has seemingly vanished, and now the smuggler Antera is operating in and around Fringe Confederation territory. Any discovery of the connection between the two would lead to complications.


YTA-1300 Light Freighter "Carcosa"

Born to a pair of Chiss ex-patriates, Somarae is unaware of precisely how she came to reside on Atrisia. She has only the vaguest memories of her family before the day they simply disappeared and she instead became a ward of the state. She was a serious-minded, dutiful child, and in truth it surprised few when she ultimately decided to repay the government that had raised her by offering her life in service to the Empire's Navy.

She performed well at the Academy, however, her demeanor did not particularly endear her to her peers. She was viewed as everything from a killjoy to simply uncaring of anyone else around her. In truth, it was simply a matter of her drive to prove herself to the Empire, and purge potential distractions from her mind.

She graduated with high marks, and was granted a commission and a place within a starfighter squadron. Her first posting was to a trading post near the edge of Atrisian space. After two uneventful missions, her third active duty flight nearly ended in disaster, when her squadron was ambushed by a pirate raid that outnumbered them two-to-one. Her flight lead and half of her wingmen were killed almost immediately, forcing the inexperienced chiss to assume command and counter-attack. Against all odds, she was able to rally the surviving pilots and fight back. The dogfight was fierce and in the end she was one of only two survivors of the six-man flight group, but the attack was repelled and she had personally scored eight confirmed kills in her first combat engagement.

Of course, an untested pilot showing such valor and distinction in battle unfortunately drew the attention of the Inquisition... After a short period of observation the secretive force users transfered her away from her squadron to train her to become another of the hidden weapons of the Empire.

In the following months, Somarae worked her way up to the status of a full Inquisitor, and has taken readily to her duties in hunting and suppressing rogue force users. Her skill in the cockpit has only grown as well, and she has found herself leading Dao Squadron.

With the sudden change in the political balance of the Unknown Regions, the Inquisition has tasked Somarae with a new mission. She is to abandon her old life, cut all ties between herself and her past, and re-emerge as an Outer Rim smuggler to enter the Fringe Confederation. There, she is to make contact with elements of their force using traditions and serve as the Inquisition's eyes and ears on the groups of powerful force users there. It's her first operation so far outside of the direct influence of the Inquisition and the Empire, but one the loyal chiss plans to carry out to the best of her ability.




(prior RP eaten in the November crash)
Forging a Weapon Somarae begins her Inquisitorial training under the Grand Inquisitor herself.
Frigid Shadows Somarae is thrust into combat against the Klaaxi and their Ozzilite slaves once more, over the skies of her people's homeworld.
Becoming One With the Blade Caught off-guard while hunting a rogue force user for the Inquisition, Somarae must learn to mimic his methods or die trying.
Rebirth of an Empire Now in command of Dao Squadron, Somarae leads her pilots in battle as the Empire claims its rightful title.
A Walk to Remember The Imperial assault on the Valen city-state of Maravin begins. Somarae gets a crash course in operating UA-101 gunships.
To Steal a Man's Tea Somarae's gunship leads the battle in the skies above Jar'Kai when the Fringe invades.
Getting Into the Swing of Things Back at the Citadel, Soma assists in the instruction of the young recruit Jyn Sol
Spy Party Soma attends a formal party on Schesa as part of an Imperial delegation. Things go awry.
Honor Met The Emperor himself calls an event to recognize the heroes of the Battle of Atrisia
Fresh Meat Soma begins training the Czar known as Ryan Slade in the methods of the Inquisition
The Show Must Go On Somarae meets with Master Olra'en to discuss a new assignment.