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[SOLO]The First Sign


Just so everyone knows, this will be a thread where I post only too myself. So please enjoy the reading but don't reply, I could of done this in the blog section indeed however I would like others to read it without any hassle if they'd like too. These sets of post will be directly about the feeling of the force being discovered by Tobasu, it will be both first and third person with mixtures of poetry in different posts etc, I know this is a bit different or out there but it is a style of role-playing I personally enjoy very much.
I heard a whisper in the dark
a faint flash of sound
so small, so fragile, a dewdrop seed near lost in my hand
or the wail of the wind that whittles and withers
until at last forgotten, it can be found
i hold it close, cupped safe away,
this whisper they’d not thought to say

thin fingers creep, brown broken limbs
that tug, slow reach
they yawn and moan, pleading for the sun’s
gold sliver of silvered shine –
a glimmer only – left behind

faster now, a rush, a roar
limps split, each split again
this whisper rises, words to find
thought snaking up through fertile ground as twisting vine

not proud tall tree,
not color touched flowers
with glass petals that dip and bend
a field of weeds come rushing in
this faded whisper is not my friend


A crow floating on silk wings,
A deadly song this bird will sing.
Melody's way through the cold winter's air,
Benign feathers, decomposed and devious.

Tobasu's Song, with no pure soul,
Floating, twirling, Children's ghillies.

A serenade of graceful steps,
Six years old, at once he leapt.
Twirling, spinning, golden hair
Lighting up the moon's cold, dark glare.
Delicate steps, no innocence found
Beautiful smile, his soul apathetic.
Music playing, dreadful notes,
A dance of peace his life devotes.
Singing tunes without the worlds a crow gathers in praise,
To sit upon a perching high and live without its days.
Kneeling down into abyss he goes to end the dance
And join the crow from tainted hearts that judge a child's prance.
"Dance with me," he will scream, "And we will die today."