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Soliael Devin Talith

NAME: Soliael(Sol) Devin Talith/Devin Shamalain
RANK: Apprentice
SPECIES: Kiffar, Hapan, Garhoon, Zeltron
AGE: 216
WEIGHT: 83kg
EYES: Orange
HAIR: Black
SKIN: White


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
[+]Sol as he is known to most people is an incredibly gifted individual when it comes to the force. Because of the genetics that went into him from both his Mother Desdemonoa Shamalain(Quietus) and his Father Saul Talith(Moridin) Sol has a natural affinity for the darkside of the force. He is capable of harnessing a massive amount of the force, and because of this is also naturally gifted within the arts of Sith Sorcery.
[+]Like his father Sol is incredibly gifted in the control of Force Lightning. Because of the explicit control of the darkside of the force and his emotions Sol is capable of controlling force lightning so well that he is capable of wrapping his appendages within the unique darkside energy. Because of his current state of learning however he can only do this for split seconds. Nevertheless his control of the ability is quite remarkable.
[+]Sol, much like his father and mother is incredibly intelligent. He is smart enough to know what he is and who he is. He realizes that his heritage has granted him a unique position in life, He has strength, power, charisma, and intelligence on his side. This all accumulates in making Sol entirely ruthless. Because of these qualities Sol is perhaps one of the few people that could be called a “true” Sith. He takes pride in this quality and frequently lords it over those who he considers to be weaker than himself, though he is never cocky about it.
[+]Like His father Sol is also incredibly gifted in enhancing his own body through the force. Moridin was incredibly gifted in the art of Force Speed reaching such speeds that he almost became a blur at times. This skill has been passed down to his son and as he grows more powerful Soliael quickly catches up with Moridin in this regard.
[-]Because of the massive amount of the force that hangs around him Sol is utterly and completely incapable of hiding who he is. Unless he is given an artifact specifically created in order to hide and conceal force signatures Sol will stick out like a sore thumb wherever he is. The Art of small and all similar techniques will not work for Sol as his mother and Grandmother found out when they attempted to teach them to him.
[-]Sol is a cocktail of different genetics and species. Because of this he gains all the benefits, but also all the downsides of the various species that went into him. Normally Sol would have terrible night vision due to his Hapan side, this however is counteracted by his Garhoon Heritage which gives him better night vision. His Garhoon heritage also makes him stronger and faster than the average human but at a fantastically great cost. Sol is incredibly easy to anger. Instead of bloodlust like most Garhoons receive Sol has an incredibly short fuse. Most of the time he has control of this, but when one of his goals is interrupted Sol quite easily enters a blood rage. He becomes inconsolably angry and begins to murder anything in his path. His Mother and Grandmother have taught him how to control this effect to a degree, though sometimes his irrational side still takes a hold.
[-]Unlike both his father and Mother Sol is not a user of lightsabers or Sith Swords. He is not anywhere near as expert with blades as either of his parents and although he is capable of using a lightsaber most people can easily best him when it comes to bladework.
[-]Sol is for lack of a better term, addicted to sex. Because of his Zeltron heritage Sol is quite perceptive when it comes to pheromones and the natural odors people give off. This makes him far more likely to be attracted to people and vice versa. This often leads to him getting caught with many females surrounding him. This becomes a problem when Sol is supposed to be doing important things, instead of sleeping his way throughout the galaxy.

Sol does not personally own a ship, though likely he could get any ship he wanted due to who his Grandmother is.

(The Following is written in the perspective of a personal Journal of Sol)
I was born in the year 619ABY, two hundred years into what is now known as the four hundred year darkness. The circumstances of my conception are lackluster to be certain. I came about because of something that was nothing more than a fling between two of the most powerful Force Users that have ever roamed the galaxy. My creation was not intentional, and even my birth was not entirely assured until the intervention of my Grandmother. My life outside the womb however has always been destined for greatness. In me are poured the genetics of two grand family lines, the Shamalains, and the Taliths. This familial heritage has set me up for becoming what some have called a “true” Sith. I do not know if this is the truth, though I do know that greatness lies within me.

629 ABY:
I am ten years old now. Mother and Oma have raised me so far, though Mother has not had much of a hand in it yet. For the first half of my life I was cared and nurtured for by Oma, or as some would call her Lady Silencia. Much of my daily life is structured, I learn, I eat, I learn some more, then I eat again and then I am allowed some time to play, though I suspect that my style of playing differs from what other children my age would be doing under such circumstances. I have a good life, I do not mind the hard learning that I do during the day or the way that others interact with me. I know that I am not a regular child, I know that there is something...special about me.

I do not exactly know what it is, but I can feel it welling up inside of me especially when I become angry. Oma tells me to keep it locked up inside, and so I do. She scares most people, I can see it in their eyes when she speaks to them. I do not know why this is, but she doesn't scare me.

We move around a lot, Mother, Oma, and I. We never stay in one place for too long, never linger upon a planet. I do not think we are running, I doubt that anything could scare Mother, but we have never stayed on a planet for longer than a month. I like it. I enjoy the different worlds we see, the different people we meet, its amazing and I often find myself stunned whenever we see a new world.
I hope we never stop traveling.

633 ABY:
I am now fourteen years old, things have changed. Oma has left us for a time, or at least she seems more detached. For the past few years Mother has taken over my care. Despite myself I find myself enjoying the times I have with her. I do not know if she loves me, I do not know if she is even capable of love, but the times I am with her I feel myself growing closer to her. Supposedly this is what family is like, Mother and son spending time together...i do however suspect that once again our situation is not exactly normal.

When I turned twelve Mother and Oma informed me of what I was, that I was not as most humans were. Although they were quite mysterious about it they informed me than my heritage gave me a unique mix of abilities. They told me that I was stronger, faster, and variably more gifted than many other species within the galaxy. I suspect that they are hiding something else from me, though I have yet to ask.

I am old enough to know now that of course we are all capable of using the force. The power and rage that I had once felt as a child was the Darkside welling up within me, it was the power of the force itching to get out. Mother has refused to teach me anything, Oma has forbidden it until I am ready. This disappoints me greatly. I want to use the force, I want to reach my full potential, but Oma says that I am not ready, and so I listen.

Instead Mother and I have been working on my physical training. She puts me through a training regiment every day. I run obstacle courses, lift weights, and then we fight. She beats me every time. Mother is stronger, faster, and smarter than me. We both know this and the situation likely will not change for quite some time. I do however still enjoy these bouts between her and I. As I spend more time with Mother I find myself growing...a sense of humor. I laugh and quip with her, something that Oma would likely never quite approve of. I can feel my personality changing day by day. I find myself growing more and more like Mother. Perhaps it is genetics, but when I reflect upon the past...i enjoy what I am becoming.

634 ABY:
I finally asked Mother who my father was, her reaction was less than what I had hoped for. As soon as the words left my mouth she had just stared at me, then she had answered

“Don't ask about him, kiddo. He's a deadbeat that only cares about himself.” I quickly quipped back to her, pointing out thats exactly how Oma described her. She laughed at that and then quickly responded with “Sure is, the difference being I'm the one that raised you, so that makes me better.”

I still wonder who my father is.

642 ABY:
I am now twenty three years of age, in most society’s I am a fully grown adult, to my Mother and Oma however I am still a child.
I find myself spending even more time with Mother now. Oma hardly has time for either of us, though I do not mind this so much. My sense of Humor has now developed and I believe I am genuinely capable of having fun. Mother and I take short jaunts on different worlds, I suspect that she is overwhelmingly bored and I provide her with a source of entertainment. I don't mind being her distraction, in fact I quite enjoy it. When we go out we usually receive eye rolls from Oma along with words of warning about not killing anyone. I do not know is she genuinely worries about me, though I think she has concern for my actions and my life. Whether this is because of the time and investment she put in me or because she has genuine love for me I do not know, but I enjoy the feeling of having someone care about makes me feel safe.

With Mother it is completely different. I do not think she worries about me in the slightest. Still even after all of these years I cannot tell whether she loves me or not, but I do know that she has trust within my capabilities. When we go out on our little trips she treats me not as a child, but as a companion. I enjoy this more than anything.

Outside of what I consider my “fun” life things are much the same. I train every single day, I fight with a variety of weapons, though none of them really fit me. I cannot for the life of me match Mothers speed, or even Oma, though she hardly shows up on the training field. I am beginning to fear that ill never have the strength or speed of Mother, I fear that I am weak. When I word these insecurities however Mother gets a strange look in her eye, as though she wants to tell me something but can't...i suspect that Oma has forbidden her to do so. I can only surmise that it has to do with my strength in the force, a subject we often avoid.

Oma says I am still not ready, and so I continue to wait.

692 ABY:
I am now seventy three years old, I have lived the life time of most peasant villagers in the outer rim. Life has changed dramatically for me in the past fifty years. My trips with Mother have all but ceased and even contact with her has been rare over the past few years. This is not because whatever connection we shared has ceased, but instead because I have locked myself away.
On my thirty fifth Birthday Oma had given me a choice, she had given me the option to begin my study in the force, or to continue my other educations.

At first I had nearly jumped at the opportunity to finally teach myself the ways of the Sith. I had yearned for this for nearly my entire life and I had felt a sense of pride and absolute wanting grow inside me. This very feeling however stopped me. What was the force to me? Was it something to be craved? Was it something that I needed? No. I had gotten along fine without it for the first thirty five years of my life. I did not need the force, and as long as I crave for it, as long as I wanted to use it, I would not be ready.

So I declined my Grandmothers offer. I told her that I was not ready. Instead I locked myself away, I began my true education, my true learning. I read, I watched holovideos, I learned from my Mothers and Oma's collection of holocrons. For fifty years I have done so, and I have not even reached half of the knowledge that I should have. I am smart, but I am not yet smart enough.

An idea begins to form in my head, a craving beyond the force. I start to feel a need, something to prove myself as great. At first I think this is another craving like I have for the force, a weakness. I quickly realized however that it was something else, something stronger. I think about it daily, and I wonder what it is I could be calling out for. I wonder if it due to who my father is, a mystery that still eludes me.
I continue to learn, continue to study, continue to improve.

757 ABY:
It is my one hundredth and thirty eighth birthday, Mother has come for me. She has broken into what she calls my “tomb” and aims to get me out into the real world. Reluctantly, I follow her lead. For nearly a century I have locked myself away, training, learning, and studying. I now have more knowledge than most being could ever hope to acquire. My mind is filled with strategy's, information, and boundless expanses of thought.

Still however I have no purpose. I do not know what to do with myself, with all the knowledge I have now gathered. A passion still eludes me, something that I think both Oma and Mother see. Secretly I hope that Mother digging me out of my tomb means I will find my destiny, though I find it hard to believe in such things.

I crave the force still. I can feel myself calling out to it sometimes, clawing at it, being desperate for it. Each time I hate myself, each time I despise myself for wanting it so badly. “I am better than this”. Those are the words I say to myself each time.

773 ABY:
It has now been 16 years since Mother came for my in my tomb. I still find myself to be lost. I cannot explain what it is im yearning for or what I want.

Despite this feeling however I find myself enjoying the time with Mother. We go on what I dub “adventures”. We have visited a dozen different worlds and partaken in a hundred different things. It is during this time in the few days that I am on my own that I found myself quite addicted to the more...carnal side of life. It is an odd thing to say that I was a virgin for one hundred and thirty eight years, but it is the truth. Now that I have discovered this...i find that beautiful women have a certain sway over me. I have refused to share this particular tidbit with mother, I feel its not appropriate.

It was during one of these trips that Mother tripped up. I asked her about her past, what she had done before I was born. She told me several tales, and during one she mentioned finding a Sith Lord upon a nearly abandoned world. From the way she clammed up about it I surmised that this Sith is my father. I do not know his name, or what planet he resides on, but I now know what I have long suspected is truth. Both sides of me come from greatness.

At the end of each of our journeyswe return to Oma, she has taken up residence on a world known as Kuat. Each time I see her I can sense a sort of...maternal pride in seeing what I have become. She enjoys what she has created and fostered within me, and truthfully without her tutelage I would not even be a fraction of the man that I am today. I love them both, my Mother and my Oma though I am still uncertain if either is capable of the feeling.

Darkness still grows within me, the force is nurtured and the darkside wills be to take control of it. My want grows less, soon I will be ready.

781 ABY:
“I am leaving.” These are the words that echoed through my mind as I confronted both Oma and Mother. Both didn't seem as shocked as I had suspected they would be, in fact they seemed rather relieved.

I have decided that it is time for me to venture out on my own. I still lack purpose, and it is something that eats away at me. I will venture out into the galaxy at large to find my place, to find this thing that I so desperately called for.

As I take my leave Mother simply says two words to me “Wotcher, Kiddo.”

I feel that she cares for me.

800 ABY:
Nineteen years have now passed, I am one hundred and eighty one years old. I have traveled a great deal of what is known as wild space. I have yet to find a purpose out here but I have found quite a bit of enjoyment. The people are simpler, the children are wittier, and the food is more delicious. Day to day I survive like any man would, though at night I do not sleep.

I lie awake, searching, waiting, and contemplating what I am.

Several times I have been confronted by mercenaries and bandits, each time I have ruthlessly murdered them as Mother had taught me to do. I feel no remorse for killing these men, they had tried to harm me and killing them had been the easiest solution. As the years moved by however I required something more. The Darkness within me made me care less, and as I ran out of both food and money I began to take what I needed from what most would call the innocent. Most of the time I just used my hands. I would break their necks or spines and end them quickly. I do not enjoy or revel in their deaths, but their passing does not bother me in the least.
I wonder if this is what my father did, slaughtering the innocent.

As time goes by my many acts of murder catch up with me. Bounties are placed on my head, though none of them state my name. Men and women both begin to come after me. Most of the time I escape, or I kill whoever is chasing me. I begin to grow weary of Wild Space, and despite myself I begin to Miss Mother and Oma. Just as I begin to contemplate leaving this place another bounty hunter falls upon me. This one has skill, and after a long fight he takes me down. I sit now in his prison cell, wondering where he is taking me.
I still wonder what this craving within me is, the one for the force is almost gone.

836 ABY:
Thirty six more years have gone by, all of them spent within the walls of a prison known simply as “The Pit.”. The Prison is like nothing I have ever seen in my two hundred years. It is located on an isolated moon in the middle of no where deep underground. When I was transported here I saw only two vessels within the hangar aside from the Bounty Hunters own ship, both were ancient X-wing class vessels.

The prison itself is a large hole, at least it is for me. Here within the prison there is a pecking order, the Strong survive and even thrive while the weak starve and almost die off. I have been told over the years by other prisoners that there is a section here specifically designed to keep force users held captive. Why they did not place me there I will never know, though is suspect it is because of my lack of training.

It was here within the pit that I discovered my purpose. I found the thing that I was craving, and it was a simple answer. I had been craving power. Specifically I had been craving power over others. I wanted to rule, I wanted to dominate. I wanted to be an Emperor.

Within the Pit I found my calling. The prisoners within the dark depths of the moon saw my strength, they saw me for what I was and began to form up beneath me. They became subservient, following my commands, and even my will. They held me at first as their king, and then later their god. After thirty six years I found my purpose here, I found what I was meant to be.

As soon as the realization hit me my craving for the force went away. My weakness, my need to use the force to advance myself disappeared, and it was then that I knew I was ready.

The Pit, is thought to be inescapable but they have made an error. I am the son of Sith, I am the darkside, and as soon as they come, I will be freed.

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NAME: Alexander Dealin​
RANK: None​
AGE: 29​
SEX: Male​
HEIGHT: 6'1''​
WEIGHT: 182lbs​
EYES: Blue​
HAIR: Brown​
SKIN: White​
STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :​
[+] Alex although no genius is quite intelligent. He was hired to Kuat Drive Yards Research and development firm quite young and has had a hand in several big projects​
[+] Due to his experience in working in multiple fields Alex has a wide range of knowledge, from developing weapons to designing starships, Alex does it all.​
[-]In a fight Alex is completely and entirely useless, being of no help to anyone at all.​
[-]Alex has a host of health problems that prevent him from really doing much of anything besides working in a lab.​
It would be wrong to say that Alex appeared like anyone of note. He is fairly tall with medium length brown hair and a slight thin beard. He wears glasses and can usually be found in attire that most people would call unstylish. Although he is not ugly Alex is definitely no playboy model, though he seems to have no problems with the ladies. All in all Alex can simply be described as “average” looking, and were you to put him in a room with 10 other people you would likely not be able to remember him ten minutes later.​
Alex has a very short, very normal, very boring history. He was born on Corellia to a moderately wealthy family. His school years were filled with book learning and keeping his head down. Throughout this time he became interested in the fantastical advances of technology and became obsessed with developing and pushing the edge of what technology could do. Since it was his passion to develop unique and interesting tech Alex pushed himself into a high class university.​
At this university he excelled in learning and in application of what he learned. Within only three years Alex graduated university and was immediately scooped up by the Research and Development department of Kuat Drive Yards. Here he has been for two years, and he is now given free reign to develop whatever he long as its legal.​
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