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Approved Starship Solace-class Picket Corvette

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Mereel Vaun

Jedi Guardian of the Galaxy
  • Classification: Picket Corvette
  • Length: 52m
  • Width: 20m
  • Height: 22m
  • Armament: Very Low
- 2 Dual Maser Cannons
- 4 Point-defense Cannons (Turreted)
  • Defenses: Low
- Hull Armor
- Shields
- EWar module
- Chaff
- ECM Package
  • Hangar: 0 Squadrons
  • Maneuverability Rating: Low
  • Speed Rating: Low
  • Hyperdrive Class: 0.8

Communication Systems

- Holonet Transceiver
- Encrypted Subspace Transceiver
- Encrypted Hyperspace Transceiver
- Long Range Sensor Array

Movement and Navigational Systems:

- Navigational Thrusters
- Atmospheric Thrusters
- Class 0.8 Hyperdrive
- Inertial Dampeners
- Navigation Systems

Offensive and Defensive Systems:

- 2 Dual Maser Cannons
- 4 Point-defense Cannons (Turreted)
- Shields
- Hull Plating

Crew-Oriented Systems:

- Life Support & Artificial Gravity Systems
- Crew Quarters
- Mess Hall


- Cargo Hold
- Powerplant
- Docking Tube
- Escape Pods
- Distress Beacon


Stealth Package:
- Sensor Jammers
- Thermal Dissipators
- Reflec Coating

  • Stealth Package: The Solace-class Picket ship has a number of anti-detection countermeasures to assist it in its task of collecting intelligence on hostile forces.
  • Long Range Sensors: Solace-class Picket ships are equipped with a long range sensor array so that they can stay out of average optimal firing ranges and still get a sensor readout on the enemy.
  • Class 0.8 Hyperdrive: Solace-class Picket ships come equipped with class 0.8 hyperdrives. The class 0.8 hyperdrive allows these vessels to have fast travel times in hyperspace, and provides them a quick means of escape if they are detected.

  • Weak Hull & Shields: Solace-class Picket ships have thin outer hulls. If a Solace's shields were to fail, a single lucky proton torpedo or a few laser cannon blasts from a fighter in a concentrated area can effectively breach the hull and vent the ship's oxygen. Unfortunately for those crewing these vessels, Solace Picket ships have weak shields for corvette class vessels in order to feed power into counter-detection systems.
  • Incredibly Light Armament: Perhaps in a further attempt to maximize power output toward counter-detection, or perhaps in an attempt to encourage Solace-class vessels to run from fights instead of seeking them, Solaces are poorly armed corvettes.
  • Poor Maneuverability and Low Speed: When building a ship that is designed around the principle of maintaining stealth, engine signatures become problematic. Instead of resorting to the use of Tibanna X fuel or other more discreet engine constructs, the Solace's designers opted to simply slap fewer ion engines on the vessel to reduce costs in production. Whether this will be a minor-inconvenience for crewmen or fatal flaw in the design is unknown at this junction.


The Solace-class Picket ship is an experimental design for a covert reconnaissance corvette created by a conglomerate of Republic Remnant shipwrights and engineers. The entire design of the Solace is based around the concept of finding the enemy, getting intelligence on them, and getting out as quickly as possible. The Solace-class Picket is extremely under-armed to encourage its crewmen to flee the battlefield as soon as information has been collected. The poor hull and weak shields are simply a convenient side effect of a few of the vessels special features that encourages the retreat philosophy required of Solace crewmen.

The Solace's stealth package contains three advanced components and systems which work together in unison to conceal the corvette while it is scanning for intel. Thermal dissipators help reduce the detect-ability of the vessel's engines at long ranges, while also concealing the thermal signatures of the crew. The Solace also contains two sensor jammers, one near the front of the ship and one near the rear, which when activated block ship sensors from detecting the Solace and makes it difficult for guided-munitions systems to lock on to the vessel. The last component of the stealth package is the vessel's thin outer layer of black reflec-coating. This layer of reflec conceals the Solace from being easily spotted by eyesight if it is flying in the darkness of space, but can prove detrimental if the vessel is flying through planetary atmospheres or bright colored nebula clouds.

Since Solaces are recon ships first and foremost, these vessels come equipped with long range sensors and encrypted hyperspace transceivers to communicate with allied fleets in nearby systems.

  • Minimum Crew Compliment: 8
  • Optimal Crew Compliment: 24
  • Passenger Capacity: 4
  • Consumables: 2 Months
  • Cargo Capacity: 400 Metric Tons
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