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Soft Rebrand

This is something I've been thinking about for a while. It is high time to transform the Tygaran Alliance into the Kerrigan Hegemony and build Siobhan statues everywhere! :p

All hail Empress Siobhan!

Ok. That was a joke. On a more serious level, a lot of time has passed since this faction was first formed (three years to be precise), and I think it's time to freshen things up a bit. It's less of a total change and more of a shift in emphasis than reflects the IC realities and the makeup of our ooc member base.

Presently, faction presentation and marketing depicts us a Space Elf heavy faction. But most of our activity is Firemane centric. The various space elf races are fun and have a lot of lore...but the latter is, in my opinion, a bit of a hindrance when it comes to attracting people and helping them get involved since it's a lot of baggage. Besides, they're more of a branch of the faction...and Siobhan has more power than their rulers. Our interests also extend beyond Tygara, though it's very important to the group.

I'd like to keep the Eldorai and Firemane together as one group, but shift the emphasis towards Firemane and specifically the Order of Fire, where most of the activity is. This would also involve renaming the faction, making a new ad and a different banner.

Some Q&A:

Q: Does this mean Elves will be told to leave?

A: Nope, this is also their faction and shall remain that way. I support Eldorai/Qadiri/Xioquo/Vashyada making their voice heard and toppling the monkeighs. They'd be a branch among many in the faction. Frost elf Kaida'll probably head that. The IC balance of power could easily shift.

Q: Are you booting non-Force-users? Will the faction be all about space wizards?

A: Nope, grab a bolter, get some Voidstone and beat up the wizards. I support people doing stuff like setting up a Firemane sub-unit consisting of space marines in power armour, starfighter corps etc.

Q: What branches would exist:

A: I'm envisaging the following. Obviously the boundaries are fluid:

  • Firemane (Including its military divisions, management etc.)
  • The Fire Order
  • Medical/Exploration Corps
  • Eldorai/Angelii
  • Independents

Writeup for potential front page:

'This is the Order of Fire: Founded by Siobhan Kerrigan, it is a martial order of Force-sensitive warriors who use the Force as a means to achieve justice by any means necessary, without being shackled to the extremes of the Jedi or the Sith. The Order does not limit itself to studying only one side of the Force, but believes self-control and service to the common good is paramount.

The Order believes in balance, discipline, cooperation, valour in battle, respect for other sentient beings and obedience to lawful authority. Its enemies are slavers, Sith and imperialists who trample on the innocent. It has fought at Ruusan, Castamere, Kaeshana and other battlefields.

The Order embraces technology and is supported by the highly trained, brave space marines and soldiers of the galactic megacorporation Firemane Industries. Firemane develops cutting edge tech, maintaints its own fleet and an Exploration and Medical Corps to explore the farthest reaches of the galaxy and bring aid to those in need.

Their close allies are the Eldorai Diaspora, who form their own sub-faction. Once the matriarchal Space Elves lived in isolation from the rest of the Galaxy, evolving with their own beliefs and tradition, independent of Jedi and Sith. Having lost their homeworld Kaeshana first to a cataclysmic natural disaster and then the to the First Order and their Sith allies, they have dispersed across the stars with the help of Firemane. Some live on the lost elf planet Tygara, others have sought refuge on other worlds or live a nomadic existence aboard Craftworld colony ships. They strive to maintain their freedom, ensure their survival as a race and one day liberate their oppressed brethren on Kaeshana from the invader's chokehold. Humbled by these calamities and tested in the fires of tribulation, they have vowed not to go quietly into the night.

This faction is open to any non-Sith humans, elves or aliens who agree with its principles. It is friendly to the Galactic Alliance, Free Worlds Coalition, Outer Rim Coalition and other factions that want to take a stand against forces of galactic oppression. We fight Sith, the First Order, slavers and similar groups. Never relent, remember Kaeshana.
So the writer of [member="Laira Vereen"] made a very interesting offer to me yesterday in chat.

Siobhan Kerrigan-heute um 19:54 Uhr
'I kinda wanted to get the tygarran folks interested in being members of the free worlds' Interesting. Elaborate please.
Mark (Draco/Laira)-heute um 19:58 Uhr
Like, the free worlds is a simple coalition of governments that share trade, tech, economic benefits, and defense
and was formed right after kaeshana
disposed space elves could easily set up within FWC space to resettle
Mark (Draco/Laira)-heute um 20:00 Uhr
and given the self-governance of the free worlds it wouldn't be a republic they had to kneel to, so they would still be free to rule themselves
but have the shelter of having numerous allied planets and systems to call upon if need be
Mark (Draco/Laira) - heute um 20:01 Uhr
on the selfish reasons, its a faction with strong lore and a good core group that would help the OOC side of the FWC without either compromising themselves IC

The Free Worlds Coalition is a loose alliance of worlds centred on Alderaan, Kuat and Balmorra. I don't see any downsides. It sounds like a fair offer to me, and tallies with what I wanted to do anyway, namely expand Firemane's presence and have the Space Elves disperse across the Galaxy in a diaspora, instead of being tied to one or two worlds (and thus vulnerable).

One imagines that the fall of Kaeshana was both traumatic and a learning experience, so they can evolve instead of spending so much time with game of thrones power plays. So I'm down for doing a storyline about setting up a large colony in FWC space on an unclaimed world. Of course, we'd have to abide by their laws, but based on what I've seen that doesn't seem a hassle since they're a free confederation. Would also allow us to write stories with a rather chill group. Moreover, Clan Vereen aided us at Atrisia and Kaeshana.

Could also be an opportunity for allied companies (e.g. Heartbeat House from [member="Joza Perl"] and ARGH from [member="HK-36"] ). Oh, and we can totally build Craftworlds colony ships. Migrant Fleet!

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