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So, where to now folks? Next dom planning

So like the title says, what ya feeling folks. Where to we want to plant our flag? Throw them out, any and all ideas you got.

I'll start, kinda sad we didn't get to pod race in the last board event. So was thinking what about a dom based during a pod race? Some can take part, others can have fun with other objectives.

Thinking outer rim NASCAR style stuff, bit redneck.

Once again this is just a thought, you got something, slap it down here.
[member="Bryce Bantam"]
[member="Jorus Merrill"]
[member="Dax Fyre"]

I like the idea of defending against some Bando Gora raiding or maybe even a Reaver fleet. Give folks some flying high in the sky stuff to do.

What about a Dom entirely in the sky?

Something unique, but not boring is the trick I think. Most Doms are just too cookie cutter.
Was thinking we could make this a hex dom, that said we can have multiple ideas running at the same time.

Could to something like this, during the The festival of Great trades on Svivren, we can have a cool Bazaar themes social dom, [member="Cira"] idea, hosted during a pod race run by the planets large Ewok population.

For a combat style dom we can run [member="Hala Jast"] mid air reaver esk style combat event over Utapau. Having to jump, swing and cling to Salvage speeders, barges and other piratee stuff?
[member="Bryce Bantam"] what hexes are we looking to Dom? I don't have any specific ideas exactly, but there is that Aing-Tii world if we're looking for a little alien force weirdness, it's also in the same hex as the Resu's new home. There is also "Pitann" and another custom world I haven't looked up.

Maybe we could do a dominion building things??
Hala Jast said:
I like the idea of defending against some Bando Gora raiding or maybe even a Reaver fleet. Give folks some flying high in the sky stuff to do.

Board a Space Hulk!

* reminds the Bando Gora that they should worship The Kerrigan * Klaxxi are fun, too.

[member="Hala Jast"], [member="Jorus Merrill"], [member="Bryce Bantam"]
[member="Bryce Bantam"]

Utapau, Objective

There's a Pirate fortress on Utapau that needs clearing out, but to get to it will require a ground team to penetrate the outer layer of defenses and get inside the control center. Once your team makes it, they can shut down the AA Turrets, Release any prisoners and turn the station autocannons against the Pirates. Atmospheric Aircover can be provided, but will be limited because of AA turret concerns.

(I'll be writing Op force for this Obj.)


  • The Base: A large steel beam structure, circular with extending landing pads in every direction. Like an octopus
  • The Chasm: A chasm between the base and a sheer faced cliff which is the only way in. There's airspeeders and tons of cables that hang off old beams that run across the Chasm. Walking on said beams is not recommended.

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