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So I'm a messenger boy now?

Jak Sandrow

"Nobody cares for the woods anymore."
Jak sat in a bar, nursing a slowly warming beer.

  • Yes, it was cliche, no, he wasn't drunk, and why did it have to be in a bar?

Jak sat in a cafe -

  • Much better.

Jak sat in a cafe, sipping a cool glass of carbonated sugar water, enjoying the view of the more-or-less upper-class establishment he had found, somewhere on New Alderaan. It was a very peaceful planet; so much so that it adhered tightly to its precedor's rules: No weapons, armies, stockpiling, drugs, etc. were allowed down here. The air was free of smog, dirt, and grime, and the view from halfway up a mountain was pristine.

Still, he felt restless, like he was sitting on a low heat oven top that would not turn off. It wasn't physical discomfort so much as it was annoying, but still, he felt like he was... well, he couldn't explain it. He took another sip, letting the soft drink fizz down his throat.

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