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Sneak. Slice. Repeat. [Rayn Self-Training]

Rayn H'voc

A wintery chill filled the room, scraping the many surfaces of deactivated droids surrounding the center of the facility. In the center, Rayn stood, hand on her blade's hilt and eyes closed. Her heart was cold much like the droids surrounding her position. Rayn's hand was on her hilt as tight as she could hold it. Some color even began to appear in her hand from her grip. Rayn wore her normal skintight bodysuit, black as night.

"Agent Banshee. Your obstacle course begins...now." a raspy voice declared over the intercom.

Rayn's eyes blew open immediately, glowing brighter than normal in the light, or lack thereof. She slid her blade from it's sheathe swiftly in a flash of light blue as it's aura of the force glowed much like her eyes in the darkness. Rayn then took her blade and dragged it in front of her, scratching a line into the metal she stood on. Ten droids activated and Rayn began to work her magic. "Sneak. Slice. Repeat.." was all she had to say out of her mouth.

By Rayn's order's, the droids were set to kill her. Would not be as fun if they were to only stun. Rayn took her blade and rapidly pounced forward and pierced her blade through a droids chest cavity. Once the blade was deeply dug in, Rayn raised the blade up through the chest and head of the droid, causing it to fall to the ground.

The other droids were stunned by her actions and baffled as to what to do. By order of their programming, they began to fire at Rayn. Rayn's implants came to play at this moment in time when she immediately moved to a different position behind an adjacent droid, slicing it's head off and taking control of it's gun in order to fire at the eight droids that remained. In a matter of seconds, the first stage of the training course was complete without Rayn suffering a scratch.

Once the last droid fell, a large door opened to Rayn's back. Walking through, Rayn could see a vast landscape of what seemed to be a fortress. The door behind her slammed shut, sealing her in until her course was complete. Rayn looked over the are before her and counted. "50 clankers, 10 destroyers, 2 tanks, 1 tactical." she continuously repeated to herself before walking down the dirt ramp into the area.

The droids were on a patrol route while the destroyers watched over the tanks. The lone tactical droid had just made his way inside of a bunker on the other side of the encampment. "Sneak. Slice. Repeat.." Rayn said silently. Taking quick strides to make her way into the camp, Rayn was able to get past the patrols to the location of the tanks. Rayn noticed latent bombs on the tanks that required to be activated to explode. The bombs were primed for explosion in thirty seconds. By the time it would go off, Rayn would be complete her objective.

Each footstep she took was one that could lead to her death so she ensured she mad eno mistake whatsoever. A mistake on her part could mean galactic war. Rayn was able to make her way into the tactical droids tent. With her blade drawn, Rayn made her way to the tactical droid facing the same direction she was, away from the tent's entrance. As she drew her blade in preparation to strike down the droid, she was halted by two clankers who came up behind her.

"Halt!" one commanded. Both had their guns pointed directly at her, ready to fire. Suddenly, the explosives went off at the tanks, utterly destroying them and the droids nearby. The explosion was just enough to distract the clankers and give Rayn the chance to slice through the tactical droid. And so she did and escaped as quickly as she could from the tent.

The explosion caused quite a commotion. The few battle droids that still stood there were take out by Rayn's quick movements with her blade piercing their individual bodies. Her slim body moved through the camp like a wild breeze. Her personalized obstacle course had been completed.

Sneak. Slice. Repeat..