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Smuggler's Moon

Akodya Mune

Akodya had never been to Nar Shaddaa before. Noen lights hovered over the dim streets like someone had bent lightsabers to form words, quickly flashing different colours and demanding attention. Beings of all walks of life lingered in the streets, shady characters watched her walk with their hands resting on their blasters in a warning fashion. She couldn't help but feel threatened under such hazy glares. Cantinas seemed to be the few ligament businesses that thrived on this planet...the rest were failing or illegal.

This whole planet screams sleazy. she thought to herself.

The Jedi padawan's identity was safely hidden away under the shadow cast by her hood, her eyes difted across the glowing basic above each building. She had been called to discreetly investigate some rather nasty weaponry dealings that have been reported on the smuggler's moon, to simply observe for now and report back her findings. Usually Jedi would never get involved in such a thing, but word had spread that the weapons weren't of normal power.

They were of a sinister, dark side nature.

Sighing, she turned into the establishment she had been looking for, the bar in which the rumors had surfaced. It was time to eavesdrop.

@[member="Preliat Mantis"]
"Did you get them?"

"Get what?"

"The thing we were supposed to go get?"

"No, I thought you got it."

"So it's just lying at the spaceport on a ship, or on the deck?"

"I suppose so."

"You moron."

"I'd be inclined to agree."
Preliat said swiftly, before cracking the M45 rifle across the first smugglers face. The rifle horrendously tore his face asunder, rendering him a screaming pile of flesh and bone rather than a man before. Preliat laid the rifle on the table, and grabbed the second man. He didn't give him any warning before violently punching him in the face a few times, armored gauntlets cracking on his face, gravity on the side of Preliat. He held the man down, and then picked him up with one hand, and grabbed his rifle with the other and dragged him outside, smashing past a cloaked woman. He almost threw her against the wall, but he had some restraint as he barged into a nearby alley.

He threw him down between a pile of trash, and leveled the rifle to his chest. He figured he'd know why he was here.

"Come on, I knew this stuff was dangerous but Mandalorian dangerous? It's at the spaceport, I'll give you the docking bay card, just leave me alone, will you? Please?"

Preliat stared at him for a moment, before raising up his rifle."Open up your mouth."He commanded, narrowing his eyes. The man looked weary, but a stare from the T-shaped visor of Preliat convinced him rather quickly. He obliged, and sobbed and begged for mercy. Preliat placed his foot into his mouth, and stared at him, and pushed downward with his toes. He felt his jaw and teeth shatter, and the man fell to the floor, clutching his massively deformed face in pain.

"Ret'urcye mhi, di'kut.1".

@[member="Akodya Mune"]

Basic Translation:
1. "Goodbye, you idiot."
The word di'kut is contextual, and this case can be applied to nerf herder or someone of a very bad or ill-intention nature.

Akodya Mune

Just as she was about to step into the cantina a man forcefully barged past her, almost thrusting her into the wall. If it weren't for her decent sense of balance she would have been sent flying. The noise from the building had died down as the figure had stumbled out, and turning around Akodya could see why. The massive man was dragging a barely conscious being along with him. A brief flash of worry crossed her face as she remained still for a moment. Should she intervene? Twirling around Akodya's hazel gaze flickered into the darkness, trying to locate the possible criminal that had just pushed past her. Locking onto someone moving into an alley way, Akodya decided that was her man.

Calmly the girl approached the ally in the dim light, her lips forming a straight, harsh line under the safety of her cloak.

She could sense the blood lust radiating of the guy like steam.

The sound of a blaster going off made her eyes widen, as she began to run toward the alleyway with her saber drawn. Skidding to a halt she just caught the man shuttering a mans mouth while another lay limp with a whole in his now pale body. Her face quickly twisted into one of anger.

"Step aside, murderer." She hissed, pulling her hood down so the murderer could see her face.

@[member="Preliat Mantis"]
Preliat stood still for a moment, dropping his rifle. Viciousness with a mix of effectiveness was beginning to be one of his strongsuits, surely. He turned and stared at Akodya, blinking a few times. He turned on his heel, placing his hands over the two Westar-34s on his hips. Powerful and effective tools of the trade, that was for sure. Preliat glared at her beneath his helmet, and then slowly reached up to it. Mandalorians wore their armor like a skin, and taking a piece of it off around a Non-Mandalorian was nothing short of an event to behold.

He gently placed the helmet on the ground, and then stared at the woman. She was a Jedi, and he didn't like fighting friends of his people. He gestured to the crying man and the dead man."Been hired by local law enforcement to track down a smuggling ring. And not the kind that wonders in little drugs, no...tell the nice lady what you deal in."Preliat kicked the man over, making his already hurt jaw smack on the ground again. He wailed and was now sobbing, tears and snot coming out of his face. Pathetic, truly.

"Gharls. Ve twanspowt gharls."

"And how old are they?"

"Pratty yhang."

Preliat turned back to the Jedi, staring at her for a moment. He blinked a few times, before picking up his helmet. His eyes didn't have youthful appearance, while his face did. They were more or less empty and full of anger, but focused so much that the anger could be receded."You Jedi don't wear anger well, you know that?"

@[member="Akodya Mune"]