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Approved Tech Slevin's Gift

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  • Intent: To Sub a gift for Joza
  • Image Source: Google
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: Me, I'm Great
  • Manufacturer: SIN
  • Model: Slevin's Gift
  • Affiliation: Joza Perl
  • Modularity: Unique
  • Material: Platinum, Diamond, Tandgor gem
  • Scanner
  • Electro-Laminate
Scanner - Built into the necklace itself is a small scanner that that 'reads' the wearer
Electro-Laminate - The electro laminate is a small thin liner that response to pulses from the scanner, allowing the Tandgor Gem to illuminate at varying wavelengths.

  • Pretty: The necklace itself is quite beautiful. The base of it is created out of a mix of platinum, white gold, and studded with diamonds. The central piece of the necklace is a brightly glowing Tandgor Gem covered in an electro-laminate. This laminate shifts the glow of the gem itself, making it brighter, dimmer, or completely dark depending on certain variables.
  • Scanner: The Scanner within the necklace is what allows the Electro-Laminate to function. This device takes a reading of the wearer and depending on their moods and identity shifts the glow of the Tangdor Crystal. The Scanner in this necklace reads only the first person to wear the jewelry, intended for Joza Perl. Once she wears it, the necklace will only respond to her, the glow of the crystal completely silenced if someone else were to wear it.
Weaknesses :
  • Breakable: The necklace is still just that, a necklace. It is very breakable. A lightsaber, vibrosword, heck even a hammer would be enough to smash this into little itty bits if you were inclined to do so.
  • Scanner: The Scanner located within the necklace is ostensibly in place in order to read the wearers heart rate, mood, etc in order to control the glow of the gem at it's center. In reality it collects far more than just this simple bit of data, storing it for what is likely a more nefarious purpose.
Months ago Slevin began his business association with one Joza Perl.

The two struck it off quite well, with Joza's Heartbreak House and SIN Incorporated quickly joining hands in order to create a new entertainment district on Coruscant. This eventually lead to the creation of the two Nightclubs Dusk and Dawn, the two businesses having exploded in popularity. Through their business association, and through the encouragement of Natalia Thawne, Slevin and Joza quickly began to associate outside of a simple business arrangement.

This association quickly grew, and in their usual form Slevin and Natalia quickly began to press forward.

Thought their meetings were sparse, Slevin ensured that each encounter he had with Miss Perl was memorable. A part of this would be the Necklace that SIN's Haute Couture department would create for him.

The Necklace was crafted of beautiful platinum and white gold, studded with diamonds and finished with a brightly glowing Tandgor Gem. The Crystal was set with an electro-laminate, controlled by an inbuilt scanner running through the length of the necklace itself. This scanner responded to a variety of symptoms within the body, the wearers heart rate, the condensation on their skin, etc. Through these means the Scanner determined the wearers mood and controlled the laminate accordingly. When the wearers emotion are higher the gem glow brighter, peaking at a point where it is almost difficult to look at.

Though of course it is difficult to tell, the scanner records this data and more, storing it for when it can later be collected.

Travis Caalgen

Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.
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