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Slayershot Compound Bow

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Img thanks to: http://www.radioactivesoftware.com/content/futuristic-set-weapons

Intent: To give @hood his newest weapon
Development Thread: http://starwarsrp.net/topic/18822-arming-oneself/
Manufacturer: James Armor Co
Model: ZM-X 3090
Affiliation: Nexus/J.A.C.
Modularity: No
Production: Minor
-Drawstring: Armorweave Fiber cord
-Frame: Titanium
-Edge: Alchemically enhanced Pyronium
Crafted out of multiple layers of Titanium, folded and pressed together. Capable of being broken down on the fly, it is a useful tool, also capable of taking a few blows from a lightsaber. But it's main asset is counter balances, when swung like a weapon, a small weight on either side will respectively click into place to help the bow seem to have a base and club end.

When in a melee battle however, the alchemy does very little if not handled with the absolute greatest care. Any more then two blows anywhere other then the Alchemical Pyronium along the frontal edge from a heavy enough weapon (vibro, lightsabers, blasters etc.) will leave it shattered to pieces.


Classification: Bow
Size: Handheld
Status: Legal
Length: 1.016 m
Weight: 3.175 kg
Ammunition Type: Arrow's (Stun/flashbang/explosive/spear)
Ammunition Capacity: 50 (For every 1 not an average spear tip arrow, remove two from that)
Effective Range: 45.72 m

Lord Ghoul

You're a padawan, no alchemically enhanced alloy for you unless you provide at least one link to a training thread where you learn and utilize this ability under tutelage of a master or specialized knight.


What does Hood's capabilities show against J.A.C? James armor co are the ones making it, not Hood himself. Secondly, he physically can't learn Alchemy, let alone any other form of force power not mentioned in his profile. @[member="Mikhail Shorn"]
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