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Skree Ariko

Skree Ariko

Skree Ariko


NAME: Skree Ariko
FACTION: Omega Protectorate: ODF
RANK: Chief Crewer
SPECIES: Twi'lek
AGE: 18
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5' 11"
WEIGHT: 154 lbs
EYES: Blue
SKIN: Blue with black tattoos




STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Mechanical Aptitude- Skree is an engineer at heart, and hopes to work for Omega Pyre to create bigger at better defensive technology. Taking after her mother, Meri Ariko, she loves coming up with new ideas. If you give something to her to fix, except to get it back with some extra upgrades and maybe a modification or two - and some technobabble to explain what it does. (Strength)

Optimistic- Always looking on the bright side, Skree is the glass-half-full sort - it's what kept her from going insane under the overprotective ways of her parents. She misses them, but she'd rather not go back. Skree does her best to brighten up any room she's in. This does render her rather talkative though...which can get on some people's nerves. (Strength)

Inexperienced- Because of her youth, Skree has little experience in the real world, leading to her being rather naive (thanks Mom and Dad). This is another reason she wants to join the Omega Protectorate - to see the galaxy. (Weakness)

Non-Social- Awkward and uncomfortable in crowds, she has a tendency to stammer a bit when asked questions, and is shy when meeting new people. She tries to cover it up by talking more, which makes her more nervous, which makes her talk see the vicious cycle here. (Weakness)

Status: Finished and tested
Begun: 3 years before present day
Skree Ariko's ship, "Spacewing" Light Freighter (Ariko-1000)

Prototype "Silver Star"
Eightgun-Class Assault Fighter Prototype

Skree's Personal Armor

Skree Ariko was born to Meri and Jor Ariko on Ryloth. Her parents were good people, but Skree always felt stifled by them. The most adventurous she was allowed to be was to explore her parents machine shop - under supervision - until she was fourteen, when she was allowed in without supervision, as well as being allowed to explore a mile radius around their home alone. It was at this age that her skills as a mechanic really started to shine through, now that her work wasn't confined to sneaking around in the dead hours of the night. A ship design that her parents had been working on started to come to life. Three years later, the Spacewing is ready for flight, and Skree can finally realize her dream to join Omega Pyre and develop technology to be used for good.

While on her way to finding the Protectorate, Skree stopped by a derelict ship that she almost immediately found to be infected with the Blackwing Virus. She escaped with her life and a little more experience.

Omega Protectorate

Skree arrived at Fondor and landed, to be escorted by two jumpy guards to see the then-Exarch Tegaea Alcori, who accepted her into the Protectorate and assigned her to the Defense Force. Soon after, before the whole Endor massacre business, Skree took a job for Circe Savan to design an assault fighter. As a reward, she received credits and a prototype, which she called the Silver Star.

Skree participated in the dominion of Sluis Van, aiding the Protectorate forces in space over the planet. Later, she went to salvage X-wings and ran into Aiden Mercer and Noah Corek. Noah Corek requested Skree's transfer to his ship, the Solomon, as his new engineer, and Aiden later invited her to help with the new ship design he had created. Noah later made Skree some armor 'Just in Case', as well as merge his company with Skree's company, Ariko Shipworks.

Later, Skree attended two technical meetings for Omega Protectorate.




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