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Skirmish Idea

Bilquis Abar

Well-Known Member
Well I wondering if anyone were interested in a reanactment of sorts of the "Battle of Hypori"

Here's the link: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Battle_of_Hypori_(Clone_Wars)

The Skirmish would be similar, I was thinking it would take place on Charros IV since that happens to be a factory planet under the control of the Empire; similar to Hypori. I'm aware that the Havoc squad hit a factory there some time ago. This could sort of be in continuation of that. A jedi task force is sent to destroy the remaining factories on the planet, but this time imperial forces could be prepared for this due to the past attack.

Republic forces would emerge from Hyperspace and sleeper mines would quickly dispatch most of the transports having them crash behind enemy lines, the surviving forces would then be quickly surrounded, republic soldiers being slaughtered. The surviving Jedi would then have to retreat to a large area where a majority of their assault ships had crash landed. They would have to do battle with the imperial forces until help is sent to rescue them.

I think this could turn out fun actually, this has always been one of my favorite battles from the past series. ^_^

Flint Dexen

Wandering Lost Soul
I like this idea! :)

Its up to the faction admins to decide whether or not we should/could do this, though.

Cedric Dorn

I am down as well, but skirmish requires and enemy so you would need to go bug the Sith(Since they own Charros IV) :)

Cedric Dorn

Fly fly my little butterfly

I spoke with @[member="Selena Halcyon"] about this for you and she said go for it :)
@[member="Sochi Ru"]