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SJO/ME Skirmish - Hex AD29

The Golden Rule
Alright, so as most of you may already know, we have an upcoming skirmish with the Mandalorians, set to begin sometime early next week. We've discussed it in detail over Discord, but I wanted to put out an OOC discussion thread to share the details in one comprehensive manner.

IC Thread:


The ME has been plagued by raiders as of late, so upon the latest raid on the ME planet of Garos, a large task force is deployed to hunt down pirates and eliminate their base of operations. Their base just happens to be located within an empty hex of Silver Space (AD29), on some newly discovered world the pirates are calling Barataria.

Fearing destruction, the pirates begin emitting distress calls to the SJO, pretending to be innocent refugees or civilians victim to a seemingly random ME raid.

The Silver Order and ISAF promptly step in to demand the ME leave Silver Space while they investigate events for themselves, and then a battle ensues when the ME refuse to leave and fire upon Silver/ISAF vessels.

The basic arc will be each side battling out, with the SJO objective to drive out the Mandalorians from Silver Space, until their Manda'alor can be contacted to stand down. There will be a subplot to ascertain the true identity of pirates on the ground, led by [member="Cassius Droma"].

Battle Conditions

There will be two theaters of battle for this skirmish, fleeting in orbit, and ground fighting on the surface of Barataria. We worked out a system with the ME to ensure that there's some degree of parity so that neither side feels swarmed by NPCs.


For fleeting, the conditions are as follows:
  • 1 PC Captained ship per writer up to 5km
  • A common escort pool of 20km per side.
At present, it looks like myself, [member="Sala'dine"], and [member="Gir Quee"] will be fleeting for this event, so I'm going to allocate 5km worth of escorts to each writer, and keep the remainder on reserve.

Ground Combat

Conditions for the for the ground battle will be a little different, using a simplified version of the points system used for ground combat in board events. Each side will have 1000 points to spend on NPC units. Costs are as follows.
  • 2 Points for an infantry squad (9-12 individuals)
  • 20 Points for a vehicle squad. (includes crew, up to 50 meters)
  • 40 Points for an airspeeder/starship squadron (includes crew, up to 50 meters)
Additional factory/codex restrictions apply, like production and deployment rates. There will be a soft cap of 100 points allocated to each writer. If you want more, then just ask.

Finally, each side may use one capital grade mobile fortress or starship. I'll be controlling our mobile base as an extension of my fleet.

You're under no obligation to enter the battle with any PC units - Feel free to run solo.



Barataria is a habitable but cold world orbited by three moons, dominated by arctic, tundra, and woodland environments. For the ground portion of the skirmish, in particular, fighting will center around a large semi hidden pirate base (or a refugee settlement to us) set in the midst of a forest, not unlike the old canon imperial base on Endor.